What We Pass Down…

What We Pass Down…


Bible Reading: Genesis 25:1-34

Hello Purposeful People!

Thank you for listening. This week’s focus is on what we are tempted by or more importantly how other people tempt us. What do we allow others to talk us out of? Do we talk oursleves out of our purpose?  If you were able to watch Mindset Monday via the Our Given Purpose YouTube channel. I will link it below.

As I get older and mature in Christ my eyes are being opened. I am becoming more aware. Aware of what triggers me and what sends me spinning out of control. I am learning the “me” I need to get control of so I can be useful to God’s plan.  

Moving forward I believe this platform will be used to shine a spotlight on how we can make small changes in our thinking to have a great impact on our given purpose.

~ Torrie

What is a birthright?


A birthright is defined as a special privilege normally enjoyed by the firstborn son to inherit a double portion of his father’s estate and become the head of the family. In Jewish tradition, the head of the family would be the priest leading everyone spiritual through God’s guidance. The firstborn also inherited the judicial authority of the father, for example, if he were a King the firstborn would be his successor.

The oldest son could sell his birthright or give it away if he chose, but in he would lose both the material goods and his leadership position. A birthright had lasting benefits, it was not only physically wealth but spiritual as well. There were a number of other factors that went into this very powerful and influential status. This birthright was passed down from generation to generation.

(YouTube) Mindset Monday|| What Would You Do?


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