What We Pass Down, Part Two

What We Pass Down, Part Two


•Bible Reading: Galatians 6:1-3; Genesis 25:29-34; Hebrews 12:16-17

Hello Purposeful People!

Thank you for listening to part two of What We Pass Down. In this broadcast, I introduce a few ideas for your consideration. Reading the Word of God provides us with valuable applications and lessons for our growth. Paying attention and listening to others we can learn more about ourselves. Are we tempted by temporary material things that will only satisfy us for a moment? I know I have been. I opted for comfortable when I should have been patient. I looked for the easy way and didn’t trust God’s plan. Living in this world even as a follower of Christ does not shield me from making difficult decisions. I am learning through God’s Word and unfortunately through my own failures that I can trust the infallible wisdom of God.

Looking closer at the story of Jacob and Esau we can see ourselves. The differences between these two brothers mirror our own ambitions or lack of them.


Thank you for listening I pray you are encouraged to read Genesis 25. All the podcasts are available on Apple iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. I am grateful for you dear Brothers and Sisters. God bless you.



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