What Do You Give? The Podcast

What Do You Give? The Podcast



  • Bible Reading: Exodus 3:1-22 and Exodus 25:1-40
  • Focus Scripture: Exodus 3:11-15 and Exodus 25:1-9

Hello Purposeful People!

Learning to apply Luke 6:31, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Is difficult at best. We are emotional creatures and not always in control of our feelings, prejudices, and opinions. We will write people off for minute errors and forget that we too need God’s grace and therefore need to have it for others.

The Word of God gives us the basis for how we should act and react. No one wants anything stolen from them, to be lied to or to be taken for granted. However, in our temporary emotional conditions that is exactly what we can end up doing. The Bible gives us the motivation to do what is right because we see how God blesses and provides for those working cooperatively with Him. This is what Christians aspire to do! To be in alignment with Christ our Lord and Savior living righteously for Him.






  1. Fitnessbyslaughter

    🙏🏾What a true blessings to see the growth that God has bestowed upon you. What do you give?
    So relatable, that when you don’t give your all to what your purpose is, then you can’t expect your blessings to be fruitful. Love you my Queen.

    • ourgivenpurpose

      I love you and thank you for sharing your testimony. The gift of time is exactly that… a gift. What we prioritize and give our time to is an extension of what God gives us each day. I agree with what you’ve written and will add; we cannot expect a Holy outcome to sinful activities.

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