Weekly News, vol 5

Weekly News, vol 5

Greetings Purposeful Family,

Thank you all for the positive feedback and encouragement!

I have a couple announcements to make:

  1. Interviews on the podcast will begin in October! I have some amazing guests lined up and their testimonies will inspire you. 
  2. Summer break will begin on August 1st  and end September 3rd. During this time you will still be able to contact and connect with me. However, no new videos or podcasts will be uploaded during that time.


Thank you all very much for your continued support. I am grateful for you. ~Torrie



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 Rep Your Medias, Part One

Rep Your Medias, Part 2

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Fill’ER Up! The Podcast

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On Monday’s podcast:

Bserenity homes is a creative real estate investment business. BSerenity Homes  buy houses with cash, for any reason.

Contact Information  201-402-0753

Email: bserenityhomes@gmail.com


On Thursday’s podcast

The Cross Pods, Dope Black Pods, Podcasts In Color are three directories/platforms that shines light on others. Through these I was able to find other phenominal creators and connect. As a podcaster I often wonder who hears my voice and if I’m doing enough to market and reach people. These amazing individuals have heard the cry and offer solutions to that issue. I am grateful.



Have a great weekend! 

Torrie Slaughter CEO & Founder 





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