Weekly News, Vol 17

Weekly News, Vol 17

Hello Purposeful Family!

To God be the glory for the great things He has done! I have incredible news! God is growing His kingdom through each of us! Isn’t that awesome?!! Over the last two weeks I have had many shared their testimonies of God’s provision, grace, and mercy. This has filled me with overwhelming joy. Please keep sharing your God news as it fits within God’s purpose for your life. 

During this season you will see more collaborations from Our Given Purpose®. While I do my best to share how your purpose is impacting others I know I can do more. With that ‘said’ I am excited to present testimonials within the podcast. As often as possible you will hear from amazing people of purpose who have their own podcasts, websites, YouTube channels, or businesses. Their voices are speaking volumes and we can connect with one another globally, all we have to do is listen. I pray this will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone or encourage you to keep moving forward with our Lord. 


In case you missed it!

Tuesday (Podcast)

 Fill In Your Blank, 104

Interview with Derrick Williams Founder of G&F Property Solutions LLC.  

Visit  www.gfpropertysolutionsllc.com 

Connect with DerrickShimeka Williams Wholesale Real Estate agents

Contact Derrick Williams via email gfpropertysolutionsllc@yahoo.com  or call (757) 508-8042

Wednesday (YouTube Channel)

Talking on Purpose with Torrie | Warning Long Post S2,E4


Thursday (Podcast)

A Firm G.R.I.P, the Podcast 

Sponsored by: G&F Property Solutions LLC



Our Given Purpose ® has a special collection coming!

Tune in on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 for A Collective Purpose, 106. You don’t want to miss the first installment. Tune in to hear Nika Hanson, Casey Alexis, Stephanie Bright, Ashley Campbell) talk about how they overcame arrogance, anger, pride, or fear. Make sure you’ve subscribed to Our Given Purpose ® the podcast so you’re notified! Ask Siri or tell Alexa to download Our Given Purpose ® on your favorite music app today! 

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The Phenomenal Person Visual Series continues with Kimberly Arnold!!


Go purchase your ‘I Am Phenomenal On Purpose‘ shirt today!


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Thank you for your continued prayers and support. ~Torrie




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