Waiting by the Phone

Waiting by the Phone

The Gospel of Luke Devotional

  • Day 13 Luke Chapter 13
  • Bible Reading: Luke 13:1-35
  • •Focus Scripture: Luke 13:6 – And He began telling this parable: “A man had a fig tree which had been planted in his vineyard, and he came looking for fruit on it and did not find any.”

When I was in elementary school one of the games we played was ‘Telephone’. All the students would sit together in a circle and wait for their “phone to ring”. With a cupped hand, the teacher would whisper in the ear of the student to her left. The student would then repeat this message in the same way. The anticipation would build as student after student waited for their ‘phone to ring’. Once the message went through all the students, the last to receive it stood up and stated what he heard. It usually ended up being gibberish and we would giggle uncontrollably. However, the joy would come to a screeching halt when the teacher (starting with the last student) would ask, “what did he hear?” Squirming around on the floor not knowing what the original message was, each child would try their best to deliver something that may have been closer to the original statement. Having played this game many times the error usually came from the first student.  

Hmm if the first person was inaccurate how would someone get the correct message unless he went to the source??? There was no rule prohibiting any student from going to the teacher, and asking for the correct message. But that meant exerting effort, being looked at as different, and not trusting the person seated next to you. It was playground sabotage if you went against the popular person in your class.

Luke 13:8 Being planted choose: who fertilizes us and what nutrients we absorb. While we could easily blame our lack of growth in our living conditions, exposure to opportunities, or economic status, we are responsible for what we produce. Christ followers make difficult decisions, by going against the grain of society and standing out. We have a right to go to the Source to receive the nourishment to feed our souls. Feeling like a useless waste of space is a scheme of the enemy and he will keep us from repenting if we allow him to use our insecurities.

*Repentance is a profound change of mind. To stop living a sinful lifestyle, or to determine to refrain from committing a particular sin. Repentance is usually accompanied by regret and the desire for forgiveness; but the key element is a change of mind and attitude from one’s former outlook or way of life. (ESV Bible Concordance)

Moving our minds from self-centeredness to God or Christ-centeredness is the only way to receive God’s forgiveness. The positive side of repentance, is conversion, the real turning to God for grace. We can turn away from sin and become fruit-bearing, purposeful servants of God. Luke 13:3 and Luke 13:5 Jesus repeats the same message. We are to repent or we will die in sin. We do not have to stay dead. We who believe in Him have an eternal life.

In every season of our lives, we can be of service to our Lord and Savior. The years we have spent on this earth toiling for riches, being self-centered and not producing any fruit, will have us cut out of God’s glorious kingdom. Luke 13:7-9 Where we are planted is as important as what we produce while we are there. What do we entertain that is just taking up space? What is keeping us from producing ‘fruit’? These barriers may also keep us from repenting because it is easier to blame than to own our faults.

Let us resolve to not stand in an untruth attempting to prove our behavior. We will grow weary and the enemy will attack us and wear us down. We will give up the fight for righteousness. Our lives need not be difficult emotionally draining tirades of childish temper tantrums. Let us repent and stand in the grace of God’s forgiveness and consistently applying His Word to our lives.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What fruit do you believe you should be bearing?
  2. Have you been paying attention to your surroundings?
  3. Is it time to weed your garden?

A Few Points:

  1. Luke 13:1-9 Jesus calls the people to repent and to do away with their old lives of being unproductive.
  2. Luke 13:10-17 Jesus heals a crippled woman on the Sabbath infuriating the religious teachers.
  3. Luke 13:18-21 Jesus teaches about the kingdom of God growing from a tiny speck of a mustard seed into a great far-reaching abundant tree.
  4. Luke 13:22-30 Jesus teaches how to enter the Kingdom of God.
  5. Luke 13:31-35 Jesus grieves over Jerusalem for not accepting Him or the prophets before Him.
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  1. Joshua23

    I am bearing good fruit. I spread my knowledge wherever it is needed. I sometimes pay attention to my surroundings but not all the time. It is time for me to remove the weeds that are sprouting up knowing that I can’t damage myself because I am rooted on a solid foundation.

  2. On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand. Once we as believers realize this we see just how fruitless it is to play and even listen to being a part of the blame game. We become inclusive without borders and without inhibitations for other humans whether we agree with them or not. We love as God loves us. Your blog is a reminder for us to give up our beach property mentality unless we are willing to trust God and walk on the water with Jesus. God bless you daughter. Love agape Mom

  3. Fitnessbyslaughter

    God is so good to us. Allowing us to be filled with his spirit, is such an blessing. We must allow ourselves growth to learn more, the seeds we plant needs to be nourished for proper growth. And not everybody will give you the right nourishment you need.
    Love you. May God continue to guide you on your journey. I’m right here by your side. ❤️🙏🏾

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