Untie the Knots: Encouragement From Tiny Discoveries (Podcast Episode)

Untie the Knots: Encouragement From Tiny Discoveries (Podcast Episode)
Welcome to your weekly mentoring session on Our Given Purpose the Podcast!
👋 Hello, I’m Torrie, your life coach,
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👋 In This Mentoring Session
Our system for the remainder of the year and our new acronym. L.I.F.E (Love-Involves-Faithful-Expressions)
How can you use Philippians 3:4-15
Meditate Using –
(LOVE) Philippians 3:4-6
(Involves) Philippians 3:10
(Faithful) Philippians 3:14
(Expressions) Philippians 3:15

Journal Prompts

Pause and calmly think about:
  • Are you playing tug of war with your purpose?
  • What habits tie you up in knots?
Remember, we have victory in Jesus, and our citizenship is in Heaven. No matter our age, we can still press forward to know Jesus better.
We are reading the One Year Bible! Connect with us by:
  1. Day 339 Affirm by Torrie Slaughter
  2. Day 338 God is Love by Christina Price
  3. Day 337 Love for Your Brother by Detria Moore


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