Truthful Thursday

Truthful Thursday
  • Bible Reading Psalm 3:1-8  and Psalm 4:1-8
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One of the many things I incorporate into my morning routine is the First 5 App through Proverbs 31 ministries. I enjoy the Bible teachings it offers as well as connecting to other believers from around the world. Although I’m behind with the current plan, I realized that my journey is not a race and how God pushes me to keep moving forward.

Two weeks ago I wrote “Truth on a Thursday”  I did not know what reaction I would get but, I was led to share more about me. Our histories do not have to shame us. We can repent, hold our heads high looking towards God with thanksgiving and praise for not leaving us. Our mental, physical, and spiritual trials will be looked back on with joy when we see how God brought us through them. Reflecting on His grace and mercy shows our growth and reminds us to be merciful to others.

I remember a time when I felt so low that I gave up wanting to be human. I felt like everything was against me. No matter what I did it wasn’t enough. One night I slumped down on my bedroom floor; crying, begging God to change everything in my current situation. And then an amazing thing happened..I realized I was crying out to God from a place of privilege. I was comfortably crying from my bedroom…. in my home. Yes, my heart ached but, my eyes were opened. My perspective was changed. I could no longer focus on what was going wrong in my life but on all the things that were going right. I was blessed. I am blessed. In the imperfections, God gave me perfect peace.

Have you ever had moments of total defeat? King David cried out to God asking for His help. He left his palace, the comforts of his home and feared for his safety. He ran, but with God in mind.  We can do the same.


Journal Your Thoughts

  • How do you begin your morning? 
  • What provisions has God made for you today? 
  • How can you give praise even if you feel defeated?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Of course it truly hurt me because as your mother who thinks you are just perfect even with human flaws I only want the very best for you.
    God’s Holy Spirit within me comforted me with –
    “and that is just what Your children and grandchildren have – Me – the very best! “.
    He knows how much I desire, as a earthly parent, with limited resources want to give them. The Holy Spirit assures me that because of those who have received and accepted Christ that because He is endless in all things and has all power that when we turn to Him He delivers and attends to our every need. I applaud you! Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is by far your greatest gift to Him and to me. I’m so proud of you. Love agape, Mom

  2. Fitnessbyslaughter

    ❤️God is working. Thankful that God can use our trials to help others, we just need to be trusting enough to share. I’m thankful and grateful for your openness and words. ❤️🙏🏾

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