Have you ever set aside time to complete something that would free you up later? Perhaps its meal prep, getting ahead with course work, cleaning out a closet, or donating items you find ourselves tripping over. Depending on your occupation and daily routine there are endless options for “creating” free time. Time is an awesome motivator. When you’re in a groove and have a get it done attitude it is one of the best feelings! The goal is in sight! Once that task is complete you may not have to think about it for several days, weeks, or in some cases months.

And then the Enemy…

Not always but in some cases when we are extra motivated and focused it seems like every possible distraction happens. It’s usually the same distraction. The phone! It rings, dings, dongs, or my personal favorite cuckoos; and just like that, we are sucked into reacting to the unknown. But what if it’s not the Enemy? What if it is just us? What is stopping us from turning off our phones for a couple of hours??? If we must work from our electronic devices what stops us from silencing the notifications??? Would the world suddenly stop if we didn’t know who commented, liked, un-followed, texted, or email us at the exact moment??? In our minds yes…yes it would. “Our” world would cease to exist. We have a fear of missing out or #FOMO when it comes to other people. How do we feel about missing what God’s plan is for our lives?

Proverbs 12:24

What keeps you stagnant, unmoving, not changing, or worse not realizing it? We all have wasted time, but is it wise to waste time?




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  1. Ouch! That hurt! Thanks, I’m not feeling very wise more like a procrastinator. Thanks for the push!
    Love agape

  2. Broderick Slaughter

    Love Queen. Thank you for this. The things we tend to miss sometime. TIME being at the top

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