This Week On A Daily Purpose

This Week On A Daily Purpose

Greetings, Purpose Enthusiasts!

As the sun sets on another week, we’re excited to bring you a roundup of the thought-provoking content that graced our podcast airwaves. Just like your trusted news station, we’re here to deliver the insights and inspiration you crave. So, grab your cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s dive into the heart of our recent episodes!

Sunday, August 20:

📖 BIBLE STUDY: Torrie Slaughter contrasts Esther 3:8-12 and Esther 8:5-8, revealing the turning points that shaped the destiny of these characters.

🕊️ DEVOTIONAL: LaVonda McCullough delves into the art of receiving correction and how it’s a path to wisdom.

Monday, August 21:

📖 BIBLE STUDY: With a deep dive into Psalms 37:12-29, Torrie Slaughter uncovers the profound hope and direction this scripture offers.

🕊️ DEVOTIONAL: Kendra Dublin brings a letter from Job, drawing timeless lessons from the life of this biblical figure.

Tuesday, August 22:

📖 BIBLE STUDY: Sustaining Faith takes center stage in Psalms 37:30-40, as Torrie Slaughter guides us through reflections on maintaining a steadfast faith.

🕊️ DEVOTIONAL: Irvine Saint-Vilus tackles the question of “Who Said It?” by examining the truths within the scripture.

Wednesday, August 23:

📖 BIBLE STUDY: In Psalms 38:15-22, Torrie Slaughter explores the theme of finding restoration in times of desperation and how it resonates with our lives.

🕊️ DEVOTIONAL: Sheila Arrington shines a light on God as the Way Out of our troubles.

Thursday, August 24:

Join us on a Journey of Reflection, as we dive deep into the profound insights of Psalms 39:1-13.

Friday, August 25:

📖 BIBLE STUDY: From the Depths to Deliverance, Torrie Slaughter guides us through the transformative journey within the scriptures.

🕊️ DEVOTIONAL: Broderick Slaughter explores our goals in the light of divine purpose.

Saturday, August 26:

A serene moment awaits as Joshua Slaughter brings us The True Comforter. We also delve into Finding Refuge in God’s Unfailing Love, reflecting on Psalms 40:11-17.

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