The Purpose of Frogs?

The Purpose of Frogs?


  • Bible Reading: Exodus 8:1-15


Hello, People of Purpose! Welcome back and thank you for tuning in. Today’s broadcast is a reboot from a previous article I penned titled Amphibious Ice Cream As the end of the calendar year approaches I hope we will all take some time to reflect on God’s grace and mercy. Write down some ways you have changed and also what has piled up, cluttering your purpose now. What do you need to get rid of?

I am grateful God continues to show me ways I can grow. Through His wisdom and knowledge I am developing an urgency to be more productive, effective, and live my best life for Christ. Through these platforms, I am able to share with you what God lies on my heart and hope to urge you to be your most effective, kind, loving self, with the goal of eternity in mind.

Thank you for liking, sharing, commenting, and subscribing. Tune in on Wednesday for another episode that will prayerfully inspire you to make changes in your life.




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