The Posture of Hope

The Posture of Hope

(What is so perfect about God’s Word is that He allows us to be detectives. For the record, I am not questioning the validity of God’s Word. I believe these passages to be accurate eyewitness accounts. The focus of this devotional, The Posture of Hope, comes from Luke 18:35-43 LEB. I pray you will be inspired to connect with God and I encourage you to pray, meditate, and pour over God’s Word through your own study.)

  • Bible Reading: Luke 18:35-43; Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 18:40-41 “So Jesus stopped and ordered him to be brought to him. And when he approached, he asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” And he said, “Lord, that I may regain my sight.”
  • The Facts- 
  1. The disciples and followers of Christ were close to Jericho.
  2. A blind man (Bartimaeus) was sitting by the road and learned that Jesus was there.
  3. The blind man cried out for mercy.
  4. The people near him told him to be quiet.
  5. The blind man cried out louder.
  6. Jesus stopped.
  7. Jesus asked a question.
  8. The blind man requested his sight be restored.
  9. Jesus healed him.
  10. The newly healed man followed.

As long as you’re quiet you can stay. Have you ever been told that? As long as you remain calm and in your place…as long as you let me do the talking…as long as you _____. We are introduced to the blind man sitting by the road. That was his posture; where he was expected to stay. But Jesus. Jesus was close; He was walking through Jericho and the blind man became aware. Aware of his opportunity to be healed. He obviously knew who Jesus was, he called Him Son of David. He could not see but, his heart knew the truth. His spirit was stirred and he cried out to the one True Living God that could change his circumstance.

The crowd! They hushed admonished, scolded…rebuked him. Why? Did they feel guilty for not doing more? Were they silencing him because they thought he was being foolish? Or were they being selfishly petty and thought that his life was meaningless, that he was better off sitting by the road, forgotten, and afflicted. Jesus stopped.

In His all-knowing power, He still asked the blind man what he wanted. Wow! My God!! You may be wondering why you haven’t moved beyond your present mental or physical condition; don’t let the crowds tell you that you’re ok with where you are. They may be threatened by Christ showing up in their life. Let God show up for you! Let God take the blinders off! Let God show you how to follow Him!

Christ cared, He showed mercy, He showed compassion. He removed the blind man from the roadside and the people surrounding him.

Has Christ, Jesus our Lord and Savior asked you to move? Is there an urgency or tension building? Are you noticing the people around you have no intention of letting you a be great disciple? Are you sitting on the road with people who want to remain in the same afflicted mental, physical, spiritual silence they are in? These people may be afraid and their fear becomes yours. Christ may have appeared to them in a form they weren’t ready to accept. They want to make sure you don’t accept Christ as being God. It is time to move. Raise your voice Believer! If this resonates in your spirit it is time to seek Christ our Lord and Savior; repent, cry out for mercy, and ask for His healing. Stand up. Look at the people who are willing to help that aren’t asking for anything in return, those who are pointing you toward God for your strength. Be in harmony with the community of Christ’s disciples and press forward with God as your guide and the Bible as your map.


Psalm 1:1-6

Journal Prompts

  1. Who is keeping you from seeking the source that can help you get to the next level, be healed of infirmities or grow your business,
  2. Who is selfishly telling you that you can’t do something?
  3.  Are you motivated to speak up boldly for yourself and get the help you need?


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