The Posture of Faith

Part One The Posture of Hope and Part Two The Posture of Patience


As we complete this series I want to take a look back at the blind man from Luke 18:35-43. He was sitting by the road, begging for his daily needs, but he knew who Jesus was. The crowd wanted him to remain there and rebuked him for crying out to Christ. I feel as though a righteous anger welled up in him and he said enough was enough and hollered louder to get attention. He was bold and tired of being an afterthought. The blind man was in sharp contrast to the meek and feeble paralytic sitting by the pool in John 5:1-13. He too was tired of being in the same position but had no one to help him. The paralytic was too focused on getting his healing from a physical source instead of looking up to Jesus the Son of God that was standing beside him. The paralytic blamed the crowd for not helping him and when he was healed it wasn’t celebrated, they said he broke the law(Exodus 20:10) because he was not permitted to carry anything on the Sabbath. And this brings us to the Centurion who in his affluence as a Roman soldier commanded others to do what was needed, but he found himself in need of healing for his servant. The Centurion felt he needed a bridge. Someone that would speak on his behalf to the one he knew could save his servant.

Bridges are interesting structures. The engineering behind them can be beautifully elaborate or downright simplistic. I’ve crossed over small creeks using stones as pathways to steel beam suspension bridges. I’ve been with people who would hold their breath and those who would close their eyes in terror until we reached the other side safely.

Whether we realize it or not we build or tear down bridges every moment of every day. Communication serves as a bridge between us and God, as well as with others. The loudness of our actions is a factor in the type of bridge we build. Our relationship with God deepens when we learn how He hears us. He hears us in our bluntness, He hears us when we criticize others, He hears the bashful confidence of those who feel unworthy, and God hears the bridges, the people who speak up on behalf of others.

The centurion understood Jesus’ authority and how He could command the seen and unseen. The centurion’s statement was so powerful. He got it! He didn’t diminish what God was capable of he simply described his level of knowledge in comparison to the cosmic wonders of God. The centurion sent the Jewish elders to speak to Christ because he didn’t feel worthy to come into His presence. Wow! What a display of humility. Jesus marveled at the centurion’s display of faith. The centurion built his bridge with actions, communicating his love for God through his works and wisdom of faith.

In the Centurion’s his wealth, he felt poor, in his power he felt weak, in his authority, he felt unworthy. Raise your hand if you would be this humble. Especially if you have climbed from the bottom of the barrel. A centurion would have had to earn his spot. When we fight tooth and nail to get where we are it is hard to relinquish power to someone else. Isn’t that the point of elevating and success in this life? To feel worthy? Hmm…

The Centurion in his high position did not elevate himself to a place of authority where he knew he had no power. He chose to be humble. He did not want to risk the health of his servant. Are we willing to step aside and let someone else speak for us? If you are in a position of authority how easy is it for you to step back so God can step in?


 I view repentance as the entrance of the bridge between us and God; with faith leading us to forgiveness while God’s mercy keeps us moving toward Him meeting us on the other side.

Journal Prompts:

  1. Will, I assess a situation and decide if it’s worth my time or more importantly if there is anything in it for me?
  2. Am I denying help to someone because I don’t see the immediate benefit?
  3. Am I someone who sees what needs to be done and graciously give my time?
  4. What am I using to build a bridge with God and others? 



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