The Inner Circle, Part 1

The Inner Circle, Part 1

Mindset Monday|| The Inner Circle

Hello Purposeful Family!

The first installment of this three-part series is now available on our YouTube channel. (Link provided above) Thank you all so much for watching, subscribing, commenting, and praying for this ministry. For several months I walked in faith with God and as He revealed more of what His plan was for my purpose I have been able to become bolder. I am allowing God to close doors and wait for Him to open new ones.

This week’s focus is on the words ‘triggered’ and ‘circle’. What we do when we are hurt, offended, betrayed, afraid, or defeated lets others know where we are in our walk with Christ. I don’t believe any of us is immune to making a mistake, either with our words or behaviors.

This morning I read a post on social media about an error a man made at church. He forgot to turn his cell phone off and it rang before prayer began. The pastor, congregation, and even his wife berated him for breaking the silence during service. The man feeling dejected and foolish for his oversight went to a local bar. While there he accidentally spilled his drink. Frazzled from what had happened earlier he began apologizing profusely. However, unlike in the sanctuary of the church, the waitress came over and cleaned it up telling the man that no harm was done and that everyone makes mistakes. The bartender offered him another drink ‘on the house’ and made him feel welcomed. The man didn’t step foot back into another church but he never missed a day going to his neighborhood bar.

Moral- The next time someone does or says something that isn’t their normal character think about where you may be sending them.



    • ourgivenpurpose

      Thank you Courtney!!! You are such an amazing spirit and a true gift. You share God’s healing with the word through His nature and that makes you a shared of His message as well. 💚

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