The Conductor’s Baton

The Conductor’s Baton

Scripture Focus: Micah 7:7

Conductors…the more expressive the more impressive he or she is to watch. In an orchestra, the conductor will take creative license with a musical score and tailor it to fit the musicians he has to work with. Each phrase of music evokes a feeling that the conductor wants to be translated to the audience. The listeners should feel the music. But, to do this requires rehearsals.

REHEARSAL…One of the first questions asked is “can we see him?”, if we cannot, we will miss cues or cut-offs. This is so important when playing with a large group. We can’t trust what we are hearing right beside us. Since the conductor stands slightly above, he is able to see and hear from a different point of view. He can see who: have lost their place, is bowing in the wrong direction, isn’t focused on the music, or is not playing when they should. The conductor keeps everyone together, each section playing through their own notes in perfect harmony. 

Can you see God? Are you looking to God when you feel out-of-place? Desiring to be a part of His great collaborative purpose is how to get back in sync. You know you can always trust and believe Him, you need to prove He can trust you with the sound He wants to hear and see. How are you allowing the Great Masterful Conductor to orchestrate your life? 



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