The Bubble of Cyber Joy

The Bubble of Cyber Joy

Social media has become our cave, our wilderness a way of hiding now; our anxiety may be more self-imposed because of it. We worry we are being left out because we see others enjoying life. We doubt our abilities because we watch others soar above us. We become lonely because we observe relationships bloom through photos. Life on Facebook is great until… We hide who we really are because we fear what others will think. The mask becomes our cave and we will remain in hiding; running from all who seeks to destroy our bubble of cyber happiness.

I took a long break from social media, years in fact. I was barely there and still have to take a deep breath when I sign on. I am not trying to compare King David’s life to what I experience online but, this is part of the reality I live in, we live in. Everything is filtered through online personas. It’s all about the picture, video, and wi-fi connectivity. If we focus on the moment we won’t see anything else… we won’t look up. The freeze frame that will be burned in our minds is all we will remember. How many followers, how many likes, how many successes we see is what we end up comparing ourselves to. Not the work it took to get there but the end result. So we hide. Hide because we don’t feel as though we measure up. When I first began publicly testifying of God’s goodness I was scared. I kept trying to deny what God was telling me to do. I ran. Literally. I would set out on nearby trails and jog three or four miles believing I had not heard God correctly. I ran into God. I suffered the consequences of my disobedience. I look back at my dark days and see God urging me to do His will.

Fear, doubt, and loneliness have a way of taking over our minds when we are faced with the unknown. King David was hiding from his son Absalom when he wrote this Psalm. As I studied the trajectory of King David’s life from his coronation to the peaks and valleys of his reign all I thought was…but God. King David did not rule in peace, he had to escape, hide, and run for his life because God did not erase the consequences of his disobedience. Some consequences he faced immediately (2 Samuel 12:16-23) others came with time. King David’s life of honesty, suffering, and praise of God is found in many of the Psalms. In his struggle to be patient and wait on the Lord we learn a valuable lesson. Seeking God above all, not revenge; we read King David’s Psalms lamenting and praising God for His steadfast power and everlasting love. King David knew he could rest because our Lord sustains him.

What breaks the cycle of fear, doubt, and loneliness? God. God alone heals. Confessing sins, asking for forgiveness, pleading for mercy. (Psalm 18:25-29) God gives us courage, His light shines bright and we can confidently emerge. We may suffer the consequences of our disobedience but we can glorify God that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We can take our case to God and ask for His help. Our praise comes from our inward attitude and awareness of who God is. When fear pushes us back because of the unknown, let’s think of King David allowing God to fight his battles and rest assured that God’s will is being done.


Journal Prompts

  1. Do I surround myself with people who will build my faith?
  2. Do I seek God when I’m troubled and trust His plan?
  3. Is fear or anger blocking my confidence in God’s ability to defeat evil?


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  1. God friended you! What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear, What a privilege to serve Him and trust in His every word. Of all the cyber stuff I’m sure to forget, I pray that I never forget His love for me and how much I love Him. Jesus is the very best thing that can every happen to us! Love agape, Mom

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