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It’s time to slow down and appreciate your surroundings by listening. Preparing for the next phase or faith step means undergoing self-evaluation.
In today’s episode, we will cover a few ways: become a better listener and declutter your space by turning down the visual noise.
What is strife? It is conflict, contention, to be in disagreement over fundamental issues. If we feel friction in specific areas of our homes or other places, we avoid them simply because we don’t want to deal with the junk. That can be true of people’s attitudes, but let’s focus on correcting ourselves first.
The compound definition of hearing and listening is: to be informed of the words and tone of voice as you take action by responding appropriately. There isn’t a time limit, and we should embrace the silence no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. That silence allows us to process, pray, and yield to the Holy Spirit. There is truth in quiet moments.

Scripture Mentioned

Proverbs 17:1, Matthew 19:16-24
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