Talking on Purpose with Torrie a Re-introduction Ep.

Talking on Purpose with Torrie a Re-introduction Ep.
👋 Hello, My name is Torrie Slaughter. I am a media ministry consultant living in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I use a variety of mediums to propel the Gospel of Christ and encourage others to have an intimate relationship with our Lord and savior. is a resource to inspire transition.
For Individuals-Families-Groups
  • Our Given Purposer the Podcast
  • Talking on Purpose with Torrie the Podcast
  • Journal, continue the conversation, and pray for God’s guidance.
  • Watch the Internet Show via YouTube
We’ve designed these weekly mentoring sessions to help you walk in victory. Through clarifying, organizing, and preparing with God, you can live l.i.f.e being an example of- love involving faithful expressions.
Follow and receive A Daily Purpose Bible Study & Devotional by subscribing to These moments with God increase our wisdom and confidence in our purpose.
For Churches-Pastors-Faith Driven Organizations
Invite your volunteers, teams, and staff to be part of the bigger picture. I will help you as a media consultant and coach in the process of clarifying, organizing, and preparing individuals to use their unique gifts collectively.
Together We Will:
  1. Pray.
  2. Create a mission & vision statement.
  3. Produce a broad stroke schedule (content, responsibilities, and 365 day action plan)
  4. Cultivate an environment of education, purpose, and empowerment.
As your media consultant, I will walk your organization through our three-pronged process. I recognize media’s importance as a primary resource. The digital environment is an opportunity to plant seeds of healing, transformation, and knowledge of God’s Sovereignty.
My goal is to improve your church or organization’s reach by creating a harmonious ecosystem to affect change. Our Lord called everyone to speak life and be part of Christ’s upsidedown kingdom. I want to support your message with clear branding, a unified voice, and strategic planning. Let me help you and your staff to be productive Christ ambassadors.
Behind every human success, there is God.
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We are reading the One Year Bible! Connect with us by:

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