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Talking on Purpose with Torrie, the Internet Show s3e6

Talking on Purpose with Torrie|| Season 3 Episode 6

Greetings, People of Purpose!

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This year Our Given Purpose® is focused on dealing with the root of our anger, arrogance, pride, and fear; through testimonies, interviews, devotionals, and unique collaborations.

Let’s prepare to strip down, humble ourselves, and do the work:


🔻 We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 3:16 

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?


🔻What is the wickedness in your life? What are the infectious carriers that cause your body to react abnormally to what we know of Christ? How long will we let this fever be present and continue to kill off the morally right, pure, that which is holy within us? 

Let the temperature run its course towards healing. There is a specific treatment for what ails us if we acknowledge that it is a problem and that God is the solution.


A Word From the Host

“I am honored to share my story with you as these weekly videos continue. Talking about my past transgressions and witnessing to God’s healing and deliverance is therapeutic for me. 

This is my journey through pain, unforgiveness, anger, pride, arrogance, and fear. I believe the difficult situations I grew through helped me develop this strategy I am sharing with you. I continue to learn and become stronger in my faith. The relationship God sought to cultivate with me is transcendent. 

My Past:

→When I was 25 years old, my outer appearance defined me. I struggled with my identity because the purpose of life was abandoned to a rebellious worldly ambition. I didn’t know who I was. It took ten years before I woke up to the reality that I was dead in life. No matter the number of good deeds I performed, nothing would gain me any satisfaction until I surrendered to God. I was involved in a culture of self-deprecating, self-consuming, and irrational behavior. I repressed the feelings of anger and fear; that led to rebellious acts against God. With no direction or significance I went on a dead-end journey to seek meaning in a life created by my circumstances.

 →It is now my passion to warn others against the travails of this world, and the proverbial carrots dangled overhead. Through prayer, meditation, education, and overall a real relationship with God, I offer a ministry dedicated to helping others reclaim their inheritance.



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Talking on Purpose with Torrie, the Internet Show!

Anger is a Liar!


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Grateful for CPR

Greetings People of Purpose!

It always amazes me how wonderful our Lord and Savior is! In today’s episode I talk about gratefulness from a CPR standpoint. We have all had moments when we felt like we couldn’t breath or that we were being pushed in an area that made us uncomfortable. There is a purpose in everything we do. If we are glorifying God in our actions we have peace and joy in the outcome. 

As you watch ‘Grateful for CPR‘ ask yourself if you are in need of a supernatural encounter to help propel you forward.



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Weekly News Vol. 3

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