What We Pass Down…

  Bible Reading: Genesis 25:1-34 Hello Purposeful People! Thank you for listening. This week’s focus is on what we are tempted by or more importantly how other people tempt us. What do we allow others to talk us out of? Do we talk oursleves out of our purpose?  If you were able to watch Mindset … Read moreWhat We Pass Down…

Dust Covered Vision

Bible Reading Matthew 6:1-34 Focus Scripture Matthew 6:19-24   Journal Prompts What is the motivation behind my actions? What takes priority over my relationship with God? Would God be pleased with my real reason for my actions?   Greetings Readers, Listeners, and People of Purpose! For the month of December, all articles will be broadcasted … Read moreDust Covered Vision

Junkyard Saint

Bible Reading: Mark 9: 1-50 Focus Scripture: Mark 9:24   HELLO, PEOPLE OF PURPOSE! If you read the last article on Monday(Possible Outcome) you know I am breaking from the normal routine because…we are two days away from beginning the Daniel Fast!! I am so excited! I can not wait to hear your testimonies and … Read moreJunkyard Saint

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