Grateful for Failure, The Podcast

SHOW NOTES: Grateful for Salvation featuring Stephanie Bright, Christian Girls P.O.P Bible Reading: Matthew 7:7-12 Hello People of Purpose! Are you afraid of failing? I know I am. That fear created debilitating behaviors. Once I acknowledged that I wasn’t ‘perfect’ God helped me to grow. Ask. Seek. Knock. Praying for wisdom, understanding, and grace while … Read moreGrateful for Failure, The Podcast


Grateful for CPR

Greetings People of Purpose! It always amazes me how wonderful our Lord and Savior is! In today’s episode I talk about gratefulness from a CPR standpoint. We have all had moments when we felt like we couldn’t breath or that we were being pushed in an area that made us uncomfortable. There is a purpose … Read moreGrateful for CPR

Talking on Purpose with Torrie

Free Printable The Purpose of Gratefulness–worksheet   Greeting People of Purpose! In today’s episode of Talking on Purpose with Torrie we are diving into gratitude! As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches here in the U.S. focus on others becomes more apparent. We all have something to be thankful for and that can manifest in a number … Read moreTalking on Purpose with Torrie

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