Opinions of Anger, The Podcast

Hello, People of Purpose, We are moving into week two of our first 12 week session. I have enjoyed the many conversations via email and dm with you. Thank you for committing to this journey. I pray we all witness an impactful change in our attitude and pursue our purpose with bold intentionality. Don’t forget to … Read moreOpinions of Anger, The Podcast


Are You Big Mad? The Podcast

Bible reading: Ephesians 4:17-27 Hello, People of Purpose, Welcome to season 3! This year we are breaking down our emotions and actively moving beyond arrogance, anger, pride, and fear. Up first is anger…yes I know a little heavy for the beginning, however we all experience this emotion. Some of us are emotionally balanced and, to … Read moreAre You Big Mad? The Podcast

Bonus Episode: The Reason for the Season

The Messiah brings light. The Messiah brings Joy. The Messiah brings freedom. The Messiah brings peace. The Messiah Christ our Lord is King. Bible reading: Isaiah 9:2-7 Hello People of Purpose,  Even though we are officially on break we wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you for being with us throughout this year … Read moreBonus Episode: The Reason for the Season

Grateful for Forgiveness, The Podcast

SHOW NOTES: Grateful for Our Lord! The Podcast featuring Casey Alexis    host of  Being Eve !  Announcement: This is the official finale of season 2! Thank you for being part of this ministry and faith journey. Please take this time to catch up on missed episodes, look around the website, and connect with us on … Read moreGrateful for Forgiveness, The Podcast

Grateful For Our Lord! The Podcast

  Show Notes: CASEY ALEXIS host of Being Eve, The Podcast Tune in to Being Eve  for links to Being Eve visit the CrossPods.com or connect with Casey Alexis on Instagram and Facebook Bible Reading: Psalm 103:1-10 Hello People of Purpose,  God is working in each of us, turning our talents into spiritual gifts. I am thankful for … Read moreGrateful For Our Lord! The Podcast

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