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A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional Day 86

Written By Torrie Slaughter


Guiding Scripture: Psalm 69:1-18


🔴 Drowning in Turmoil

Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Not in water but just overwhelmed by life! Perhaps your zeal for God while serving in your community, business, relationships, or church, isn’t received. Maybe you are constantly ridiculed by pietistic attitudes. Well, it’s easy to believe we are suffering alone.

The psalmist speaks of this inner turmoil, and his language is a desperate cry for God to act urgently. The enemies and those who hate without cause are numerous; he cannot escape his torment.

What would you do?

Cry out to the One who understands and can calm your spirit…

Christ Jesus knows what it feels like to be hated and to restore what He did not remove. That alone should give us hope! If we keep our hearts and minds focused on God through praise and worship, it is a healing balm.
The answer doesn’t seem obvious, but forgiving our enemies as Christ did as He hung on the cross, will release your inner turmoil. Think about how much more you will understand His Kingdom.

God knows us at the most intimate level. Psalm 38:5 My wounds stink and fester because of my foolishness,
and Psalm 69:5 O God, you know my folly; the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you.

The stronger language of Psalm 38:5 reminds us of how disgusting our sin is and that we are not always victims. I believe God will work in our lives to show us the gravity of our apostasy and idol worship, no matter our social status.

But woe to those who lead others astray. (Matthew 18:6, 2 Peter 2:1)

When we acknowledge our guilt, confessing our sins to God, and seeking forgiveness from those we have wronged, the Lord delights in our behavior. We also can forgive by interceding on their behalf. Psalm 69:6 says: Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me, O Lord God of hosts; let not those who seek you be brought to dishonor through me, O God of Israel.

Those who seek the fellowship and guidance of Jesus will also submit to His ways. Humble yourselves and ask God to “Draw near to your soul, redeem you.”






This devotional was written by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


🔴 The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Deuteronomy 7:1-8:20, Luke 7:36-8:3, Psalm 69:1-18, Proverbs 12:1

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A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional Day 31

🔴  A Posture of Hope

As long as you’re quiet, you can stay. Have you ever been told that?

In Matthew 20:30, we are introduced to the blind man sitting by the road. That was his posture. But Jesus. Jesus was close; He was walking through Jericho, and the blind man became aware. Conscious of his opportunity to be healed. He knew who Jesus was, and he called Him Son of David.(Matthew 20:31) He could not see but, his heart knew the truth. The one True Living God stirred his spirit towards transformation.

The Crowd!

They hushed admonished, scolded, and rebuked him. Why? Did they feel guilty for not doing more? Were they silencing him because they thought he was foolish? Or were they being selfish and thought that his life was meaningless, that he was better off sitting by the road, forgotten, and afflicted. Jesus stopped.In His all-knowing power, He still asked the blind man what he wanted. Wow! My God!!

You may be wondering why you haven’t moved beyond your present mental or physical condition; don’t let the crowds tell you that you’re ok with where you are. Christ threatens their posture by showing up in your life. Let God take the blinders off! Let God show you how to follow Him!

He cared, He showed mercy, he showed compassion. He removed the blind men from the roadside and the people surrounding him.

  • Has Christ, Jesus our Lord and Savior, asked you to move?
  • Is there an urgency or tension building?
  • Are you noticing the people around you have no intention of letting you be a great disciple?
  • Are you sitting on the road with people who want you to remain in the same afflicted mental, physical, spiritual silence as they?

These people may be afraid and their fear becomes yours. Christ may have appeared to them in a form they weren’t ready to accept.

It is time to move.

Raise your voice, Believer! If this resonates in your spirit, it is time to seek Christ our Lord and Savior; repent, cry out for mercy, and ask for His healing. Stand up. Be in harmony with the community of Christ’s disciples and press forward with God as your guide and the Bible as your map.

 ~Torrie Slaughter






This devotional was submitted by Torrie Slaughter, the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


🔴 The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Exodus 12:14-13:6, Matthew 20:29-21:22, Psalm25:16-22, Proverbs 6:12-15

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Talking on Purpose with Torrie the Podcast & Internet Show

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“Tired of Fear” 

Season 5 Week 11 In this mentoring session, we use Bible scripture to help break the cycle.



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Be encouraged to keep moving forward. Move through the crowds, and don’t stop until you have received the healing. ~ Torrie

Scriptures in this mentoring session:   

Luke 18:35-43, Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52

🟡 What is going on in your life that needs your attention? 

Have your priorities gotten mixed up? 

Clarify by asking God to help you through the crowd. 

🟡 Organize–  What do you need to embrace, and what do you need to let go? 

🟡 PrepareGod has provided you with His Word, His truth, and He has already given His life for you to live wholeheartedly as one of his children.


Hello, Person of purpose! I am your host and certified life coach, Torrie. I am here to help you clarify-organize- and prepare with God. Let’s C.O.P. our purpose together. In today’s episode, I share my testimony and the process I underwent to walk on the path God designed for me. 
Action Steps:
🔻C.larify to make it less confusing. Define your circle of influence.
🔻O.rganize by arranging in a structured order. How will God help you execute a strategic plan?
🔻P.repare create with God in advance. 

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This year Our Given Purpose® is focused on dealing with the root of our anger, arrogance, pride, and fear; through testimonies, interviews, devotionals, and unique collaborations.


Let’s prepare to strip down, humble ourselves, and do the work:


🔻 Always behave with love in mind.

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?


A Word From the Host

“I am honored to share my story with you as these weekly videos continue. Talking about my past transgressions and witnessing to God’s healing and deliverance is therapeutic for me. 

This is my journey through pain, unforgiveness, anger, pride, arrogance, and fear. I believe the difficult situations I grew through helped me develop this strategy I am sharing with you. I continue to learn and become stronger in my faith. The relationship God sought to cultivate with me is transcendent. 

My Past:

→When I was 25 years old, my outer appearance defined me. I struggled with my identity because the purpose of life was abandoned to a rebellious worldly ambition. I didn’t know who I was. It took ten years before I woke up to the reality that I was dead in life. No matter the number of good deeds I performed, nothing would gain me any satisfaction until I surrendered to God. I was involved in a culture of self-deprecating, self-consuming, and irrational behavior. I repressed the feelings of anger and fear; that led to rebellious acts against God. With no direction or significance, I went on a dead-end journey to seek meaning in a life created by my circumstances.

 →It is now my passion to warn others against the travails of this world, and the proverbial carrots dangled overhead. Through prayer, meditation, education, and overall a real relationship with God, I offer a ministry dedicated to helping others reclaim their inheritance.



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Anger on Blast: Exposing the Adversary’s Schemes, the Podcast

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Start at the beginning! Are You Big Mad?

Hello, People of Purpose!

We at Our Given Purpose® are committed to providing uplifting and transformative content on these platforms we believe God is in control and submit to His will. We understand that means facing difficulty; however, we have the benefit of having God’s peace reside within our being. As you go throughout your day, please be aware of those who are struggling, perhaps financially, spiritually, or physically. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in your actions. We can be kind and compassionate, as well as cautious. Lean into the Holy Spirit, be still, and know that God is.


The Message:

Anger on Blast: Exposing the Adversary’s Schemes God is our refuge and strength. He is present in time of trouble. Psalm 46:1 is a reminder to keep God as the focus. He is our ultimate Protector and Leader.

Take Action

As you listen to Anger on Blast: Exposing the Adversary’s Schemes, I pray you will journal and keep your Bible close. As you react, think about what you are feeling and use the Bible concordance to look up that specific emotion. Three steps to gaining control over Anger or any emotion. We do this by first creating a routine with God. Second, visualize Anger. Reflect by writing down how we behaved and what we thought when under stress. Finally, ask what you can learn. 


Scriptures in this episode:

Psalm 46:1-11

 Journal Prompts:

  1. I often worry over things and don’t write them down or take them to God in prayer.
  2. I want to solve the problems quickly and rarely pause to pray.
  3. I only attend religious or spiritual gatherings on holidays or when a catastrophe happens.
  4. I don’t have time to read and meditate on God’s Word because I’m too busy.
  5. Routines are annoying, and I need to do something different every day to stay engaged and feel alive.
  6. I’m not sure how to apply the Bible to my life.
  7. I often feel like I don’t belong and struggle with my emotions.
  8. When it comes to my faith, I wait to see what happens.




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Self Care, the Journey

Focus Scripture Mark 10:46-52

Greetings Purposeful Family!

Selfcare is important. It is all encompassing. We need to be mindful of our bodies. The physical and spiritual health will heavily depend on what we consume mentally. 

In today’s podcast I give three examples of how to maintain our mental muscle. Developing reverence (a deep respect;love) for our whole self is a step in the right direction. We can allow God to work on us from the inside out. Once God has rebuilt us, we must continuously seek Him. Let’s work with God by:

  1. Being disciplined to think constructively. Prioritizing God over our fleeting emotions and human desires.
  2. Being in a constant state of reverence. 
  3. Using prayer as therapy.

Our minds need daily nurishment. When we feed off of God’s Word and apply it to our lives we can make positive changes.


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