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The No Nonsense Warrior, A Conversation with Brian Sailes

Show Notes:

Brian Sailes CEO & Owner Warriors Collection Brand, LLC

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Hello, People of Purpose!

It is a privilege and an honor to have Brian Sailes on the podcast. I hope you will enjoy this informative and humor-filled interview. Please connect with Brian via his website and all the links provided. Be prepared to laugh, nod in agreement, and take some notes. These conversations are one way Our Given Purpose® the Podcast helps you clarify, organize, and prepare. Become a person of purpose and follow God’s direction for your life. I am excited about all the fantastic opportunities to witness God in action.


Who is Brian Sailes~

Brian Sailes is a husband, father, and combat veteran. Family is essential to him as he aims to be the best role model for his children, wife, and community. Brian began podcasting to empower people to challenge their mindset while encouraging them to think without emotional attachment. 

Brian determined to use his voice to impact the root of societal norms and combat the stigmas holding the community back. 

Brian’s ambitious entrepreneurial nature sparked ideas to teach others how to build generational wealth. He is a man of action! Warriors Collection Brand, LLC is a company that reminds us to think without limitations. His company brings awareness to order, humility, service, and accountability.

Brian’s background serving in both Navy and Army furnishes him with a different perspective he hopes will impact the world. Brian was a combat veteran of OEF/OIF and was medically retired from the army in 2018. While he struggled to find his way, he realized he was not just a military warrior but a warrior in life. The same values that his training provided echoed those of his childhood. His parents prepared him to be self-less, have courage, honor, integrity, loyalty, respect, and commitment.

Along with those values, nutrition and wellness play a vital role. To be physically fit, mentally, and spiritually sound builds character. Warriors Collection Brand, LLC promotes a healthy mindset while encouraging others to develop their foundation, which is essential to daily living. 





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Hello Purposeful People!

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I encourage you to remember that God is with us. Read His Word and meditate on His greatness and mercy. May He richly bless you all.



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