When Women Speak! A Spoken Word Collaboration

SHOW NOTES: http://www.ourgivenpurpose.com In order of appearance: Being Eve with Casey Alexis Purpose Without Apology with Lisa Gant Christian Girls P.O.P with Stephanie Bright Our Given Purpose® with Torrie Slaughter   Hello, People of Purpose,…Continue readingWhen Women Speak! A Spoken Word Collaboration

Collective Purpose, The Podcast

SHOW NOTES: Christian Girls P.O.P with Stephanie Bright Being Eve with Casey Alexis Daily Encouragement with Ashley Campbell The Yellow Room with Nika Hanson Hello People of Purpose, WOW! God is amazing! He put it…Continue readingCollective Purpose, The Podcast

Biblical Obedience Training, 103

Our Given Purpose® is proud to present Stephanie Bright CEO/Founder of Christian Girls P.O.P. Tune in to this very informative interview about Stephanie’s return to Christ through biblical obedience.Continue readingBiblical Obedience Training, 103

Broken Commitment, The Podcast

Bible Reading Isaiah 1:21-31 Hello Purposeful Family! Commitment is defined as an agreement or pledge; to do something in the future. It is the state or an instance of being obligated, being dedicated to a…Continue readingBroken Commitment, The Podcast

Focus on Things Eternal

Sponsored By: Psalms In Service, LLC Premier Entertainment Event Company Clarise D. Hicks, CEO/Founder Visit Psalms In Service Facebook Psalms in Service, LLC   Focus Scripture: Psalm 23:1-6 Hello Purposeful Family, Today’s podcast is a slight…Continue readingFocus on Things Eternal