Straight Outta Terror, The Podcast

Straight Outta Terror, The Podcast

Greetings Purposeful Family,

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Bible Reading Psalm 142:1-7

A special thank you to my dear sister friend for continuing to ride with me in spite of my errors. You are an amazing woman of God and I am blessed to know you.  



Lord you are the True everlasting King, in you I find my wisdom and purpose. I chose to worship You. Everything I seek is found only in You my Lord and savior. Your unfailing love sustains me. I will sing for joy at the works of your hands. When I’m in the shadow of darkness and fear creeps in I will turn to you. For you are the way the truth and the light. There is none like you. All praise, glory and honor to you Father. Amen



Get Prepared!

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We want to stay connected during this time. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. ~Torrie


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