Saved by Choice- An Interview with Best Selling Author Christina Price (podcast)

Show Notes:
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For our season 9 finale we present this conversation with best selling author Christina Price! We look forward to serving you in 2022 and will air ‘best of’ episodes during the month of December. We have lots of exciting news to share so make sure you’re subscribed to

Who is Christina Price~

Christina Price was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in a Hindu household.  She accepted Jesus as a teenager after being introduced to Christianity by her mother, who became savedherself just a few years before passing away from cancer. After walking away from her faith for years, Christina recommitted her life to Christ as an adult and is now passionate about the Lord and serving others. She believes sharing her experiences will encourage readers to stretch past the superficial trappings of life, and embrace the sovereignty of God’s purpose in their lives. She strives to build a foundation for her children that is deeply rooted in Christ.
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