Ride or Die

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  • Bible Reading: Acts 5:1-11
  • Focus Scripture: Acts 5:2 and he kept back for himself some of the proceeds, and his wife was aware of it. And he brought a certain part and placed it at the feet of the apostles.
  • Ride or Die: To stand by your partner no matter what, through the good and the bad, always taking their side even when you believe they are wrong, sticking up for them even over the most minute put-down someone flings their way, being completely protective of them physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and sharing everything together as best friends with full trust and loyalty, to the death. – Urban Dictionary (Rae777Tanana)

Take a moment and think…who is your ‘ride or die’? Who, is the one person that no matter what, they will stand beside you through anything? Once you have that person in mind ask yourself, “would I be willing to do the same for them?”

Acts chapter five verse one introduces us to Ananias and Sapphira. They made a plan to keep a portion of the proceeds from selling their property but, have everyone think they had given 100% to the church. So what was the problem? What was the big deal in keeping some of the money?… THEY LIED! They pretended to be gracious philanthropists. Ananias and Sapphira did not have to give if they did not want to. (Acts 5:4) We learn as we read through this tragic story of dishonesty that Ananias falls dead after Peter, through the Holy Spirit, reveals that Ananias had lied to God. (Acts 5:4-5) 

(Acts 5:7) Three hours later Sapphira shows up, perhaps wondering what was keeping her husband away or why the transaction was taking so long. Let’s camp out here for a moment. When a lie begins we may be in on the plan but, somewhere, the execution changes. Satan…the father of lies wants to divide and conquer! Keeping the two of them separate was part of his scheme. When the apostle Peter asks Sapphira if the amount they received from the sale of the property was the amount they gave, Sapphira (thinking her husband was alive and well) continued to lie. She was her husbands ride or die because that is the story they agreed to. And the other issues are faith, trust, decency, and honor; Sapphira decided to honor the man who in this case was her husband and perhaps she feared to lose him. She stood in the temple before God and lied. Peter asked her a direct question and she chose to lie. Going with the plan. When we go with a plan that was built on dishonesty nothing good will come of it. It is the fruit of a poisonous tree. We will not be able to enjoy any of the fruit of our labor because it was ill-gotten gains. It could be our relationships, education, home, job, or our lives in general. How we get to where we are is based on a lie if we did not do it God’s way. Verses 1-10 serves as another example of: how all-knowing God is and who He uses to bring the truth to light. Peter was used in this instance to shine the light on deceit; Ananias and Sapphira were the unfortunate casualties of Satan’s plan. Their ride or die bond of deception buried both of them.

Are we loyal to God or man? God gives us opportunities to serve Him by serving others but; if we decide to fake our way through it by lying we are giving in to Satan. (Acts 5:3) Satan uses people to stack more responsibility onto our already full schedules and have us think we are not doing enough. This is not the way of our Lord, for His yoke is easy. (Matthew 11:29-30) Our God will not put more on us than we can bear. Competition, lack of focus, distorted priorities; these mindless, selfish thinkings will have us wanting to impress others, instead of obeying God. We do not please Him when we lie or take advantage of those willing to help us. No. God wants our cooperation and to be so closely knitted in a relationship with Him, that we seek His approval before anyone else’s. Christ offers us something that humans cannot, the choice to ride and live in Him.


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2 thoughts on “Ride or Die

  1. So glad to see you blogging again. So uplifting, so soul searching! With a certainty I can honestly say and believe that I would go to the nth degree for certain people I hold dear; but my uncertainty is whether they truly would go the distance for me. This made me ask myself, what makes me feel this way? Why can’t I see them having the same unconditional love for me? With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit I’ll pray for my answers. Keep up the good work; and it goes without saying, I feel and know the reciprocal love between us is genuine. Love agape, Mom

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