{REWIND}The Hell In Minimalism

{REWIND}The Hell In Minimalism
Hey Purpose Talkers!
Today’s podcast hit a little different when I took a second listen. As we draw closer to the end of the year I pray you will become more intentional about your habits. Everything we say and do has an impact. Be intentional about investing in your mental and spiritual well-being. 
The Hell in Minimalism
🔴Are you ready for God to take the hell, out of you?
Will minimizing your circle feel like hell? Probably.
We are creatures of habit and crave normalcy. Don’t let the temporary uncertainty deter you from moving forward. It is a process. Healing is a process. Christ Jesus can quench the burning desire to return to the unbeneficial dead things through His living water. Explore the concordance and find specific verses that encourage you to stay sober-minded. Leave the intoxicating environments so that you can get the hell out of you.
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