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Welcome to today’s rewind mentoring session: Sprinkled Seeds! Take notes as you hear ideas that spark curiosity. We have an opportunity to listen and grasp spiritual things within mundane activities. Use the power of divine understanding to implement your system of action.  


🟥 Take Action

What is a seed? 

It is an embryonic plant in an outer protective covering. Nothing happens with the seed until it is placed in an area to develop. We can refer to the parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-9) to meditate. Where have you planted seeds? Have your roots begun to sprout? 

  1. Have we cultivated a community of empowered people to pursue their purpose within the Kingdom? 
  2. Do we employ individuals to build their ministries as a way of increasing Christ’s ambassadors? 

⇒ Read Matthew 13:18-23 and ask through prayer what seeds am I intentionally planting?

A Revelation?

Personal revelations is an enlightening or astonishing disclosure shocking revelations. Challenging society and standing firm will help us understand our mistakes, rebellion, and misguided attempts to control other people. We are destined to live a life led by God for His divine purpose. Remember who you are in Christ and the intention for which He made you. 

~Torrie Slaughter

Scriptures for Meditation:🔻 Matthew 13:1-9, Matthew 13:18-23

“As believers, we can impact lives in the tiniest of ways. We have become great servants under our Abba Father’s rule.”


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This episode was written, researched, produced, and edited by Torrie Slaughter for Our Given Purpose® the podcast in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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