{Rewind} Mindful Transitions: Stop the Filthy Read

{Rewind} Mindful Transitions: Stop the Filthy Read
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👋 Hello, I’m Torrie, your life coach,
If I’ve learned nothing else this year it is that negative self-talk discourages growth. While society wants us to believe that it is easier to tear down than to build up, as Christ-followers we know there is more. By following God’s command to love we can use His Word to help us climb the spiritual ladder of maturity. As you take a second listen to this podcast I invite you to examine your thoughts. 
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If your natural bend is to fault-find or read yourself and others to filth, I pray you will- Clarify your thoughts, Organize with scripture, and Prepare with God to realign with His truth for your daily purpose. We make a mindful transition and create new thought patterns when utilizing God’s Word and embracing our current circumstances. Acknowledge who you’ve become and ask God if you’re abiding, trusting, and loving Him through your mindfulness.
In his article 5 Signs of a Highly Intelligent Person Sean Kernan wrote “The pulsing core of intelligence is the ability to simplify complex problems and solve them.”
Matthew 5:38-42, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Jeremiah 17:9, Mark 4:24
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  1. Day 277 Christ is Supreme by Christina Price
  2. Day 276 Devotional Content in Every Situation by Detria Moore
  3. Day 275 Be Examples of Christ by Melinda Douglass


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