Remember His Words

Remember His Words

The Gospel of Luke Devotional 

  • Day 24 Chapter 24
  • Bible Reading Luke 24:1-53
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 24:8 And they remembered His Words,

Communication is verbal and nonverbal. We remember how we feel when words are spoken. This year I adopted a strategy; at the beginning of a conversation I would think, “what can I learn?” That simple question helped me close my mouth. I became a better listener. While I have not perfected this I am grateful it is becoming a habit. I am able to recall more information and engage with others. Through Christ, I am developing a greater understanding of my tongue being a weapon. How I weld it shows my maturity in Spirit and cooperation with the Holy Spirit God left with me. I remember God’s Words.

Grief is a difficult emotion. It comes in waves. We celebrate the good memories and miss our loved ones terribly at the same time. Once acceptance hits, our grieving becomes something we talk about openly. We are able to announce that we miss their presence, the way they laughed, and how they made us feel. We move on with our lives constantly grappling with the void they left. We find comfort in our routines. Luke 24:1-7 The women came to anoint the body of Christ. They had prepared spices. I can imagine them going through this Jewish custom each with their own memory of Christ’s miracles, teachings, power, and authority. They remembered Christ. The shock and dismay at seeing the two men in dazzling clothes(angels) tore them from their numbness. In a few short moments, all of what Christ had said to them hit like a wave of truth. Christ is alive!Luke 24:13-49 Christ’s appearances after His resurrection deepened the faith of the believers that had abandoned Him. Jesus forgave and brought to life a new understanding of how we are to live knowing that we will meet Him in glory. In the meantime, His Word is here for us to study, learn, and live by. No matter our circumstances we can live with a freed mindset. Christ left His followers with a magnificent image. He ascended into Heaven after coming down to earth in human form, growing as we do, being tempted by Satan, spreading the Good News of His Kingdom, giving life to the lifeless, healing infirmities, causing the blind to see, the deaf to hear, being beaten, crucified, and rejected. His love for us is so profound that He gave us something else to consider…hope for our future. His disciples were allowed to see Him be carried up into Heaven. Our lives here on earth are not awesome all the time; Christ left the example of overcoming all, with God as our focus we can look towards Heaven. Remember His Words. 


Discussion Questions:

  1. Is what you’re doing now bringing you closer to God?
  2. How has the Gospel of Luke changed your perspective?
  3. Have you completely accepted Christ into your life? 

A Few Points: Luke 24 tells us Jesus appeared to the disciples walking away from the ‘congregation’. Don’t walk away from fellowship with other believers. Jesus taught us to be aware of demons taking over our bodies. Pay attention to the need, greed, and selfish ambitions that creep into our thoughts, these are warning signs. Remember to arm yourself with God’s Word. We are all members of a larger body. What we do individual is magnified when we do it together. Jesus showed Himself to His followers allowing them to touch Him. Jesus walked through locked doors, ate, and drank before ascending into Heaven. He left His followers with hope. We are to live our lives as Christ did. Forgiving each other so we can seek forgiveness. We can thrive with God by exercising our right to be called His children. 

A Note of Gratitude

Dear Readers,   I am beyond grateful for all of you. Your willingness to embrace what God gave me to produce is so appreciated. I have struggled in the past with being productive and effective, I wasted my time and I’m ashamed. Ashamed because my life has a purpose and I did not recognize the power that is within me. With God, I am able to see past my weaknesses and receive His strength. This website began as a way of sharing faith-based teachings and devotionals, chronicling my spiritual journey. I did not know what I was doing when I started but trusted God to show me. Once I became comfortable writing (out-loud) and taking criticism, God pushed me into doing this devotional. This meant I would have to study, write at a measured pace, and pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit even more. This work has given me new hope and encouragement that with God I am complete. I use His wisdom to break down the Word and apply it to life today. God’s Word is everlasting. Thank you, my dear Brothers and Sisters, in Christ for praying, commenting, texting, and trusting me with your failures and successes. Your testimonies of redemption were nothing short of amazing. Our God is awesome! Thank you.



F.A.M.I.L.Y (Forget About Me I Love You) Thank you, editors. I am grateful.

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  1. Love the look and the ease of navigating on your newly enhanced web page. I also downloaded Biblia love it and was actually carried to it when I clicked on the verse for the thought – love it! On a totally different subject or not since you did address grief; please be encouraged that my thoughts and my prayers are with you today, July 10th. I love you. Love agape, Mom

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