Purpose Partners


Over the years, I have partnered with incredible business owners, podcasters, and writers. This is just a partial list of amazing Christian influencers. I hope you will take a few moments to connect, shop, and listen. 


Casey Alexis, Founder and Host of Being Eve




Stephanie Bright, Founder and Host of Christian Girls P.O.P




Lisa C. Gant, Founder and Host Purpose Without Apology






Kendra Dublin, Founder and Owner of God’s Perspective For Me, LLC





Derrick Williams, Founder and Host of Overcomers Life Group Podcast




Robin Lambert, Founder of Emotionally Messy Friends & Oily Life




Dope Black Pods Podcast Directory




Brian Sailes, Owner of Warriors Collection Brand, LLC




Lady Tondelayo, Owner of Crown Chronicles Boutique, LLC







LaVonda McCullough, Owner of Joyful Journey, LLC