Publicly Pious, Privately Perverse

Publicly Pious, Privately Perverse

The Gospel of Luke Devotional

  • Day 3 Luke Chapter 3
  • Bible Reading: Luke 3:1-38
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 3:3 “And he came into all the district around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins;

Social media is messy. Some of the platforms can really get us into trouble. Who our friends are, what their profile pictures advertise, and how much we interact with other men and women may have our significant others, family members, or friends questioning our character. In some cases, social media is the next level of “party all night, Bible study in the morning” culture. Being online we think we are hidden under a veil of privacy because our devices and accounts are password protected. No one has to know we are snap chatting with an ex, browsing nude photos, gambling away our savings, or binge-watching reality shows. We can even snuggle up with our loved ones while downloading wickedness and perversion. But some of these platforms will tell the sordid history of our deeds. Did you know that with a few clicks anyone can view what you’ve viewed, subscribed to, and commented on?…

John the forerunner of Christ came to preach the two sides of repentance 1. to turn away from sin and 2. turn toward God. (Luke 3:3) John called out the corrupt religious leaders referring to them as “a brood of vipers.”(Luke 3:7) They were outwardly appearing holy but inwardly they were sinful and did not want to truly follow God’s command. (Matthew 23:1-7) They wore their fine robes, enjoyed a celebrity status, sat with high-ranking politicians and leaders. They rested on the fact that they were descendants of Abraham, earning them a place in eternity simply because of their ancestry. (John 8:33) John was a stark contrast to these refined teachers. (Matthew 3:4) His clothing was something straight out of the wilderness, his diet was odd, and his message made people uncomfortable.

What we ‘like’ or lust over is a choice. We usually aren’t suspicious of the wealthy, well dressed, successful, alluring people in life and rarely question their motives. We imitate them and support whatever business venture or idea they’re selling. We are turned off by people who push us to become morally righteous because we don’t like the way the lesson is ‘packaged’. The truth is we think we can hide behind our online personas, our excuses, our busyness, and our emotions as if God can not see through it all. (Hebrews 4:13) The more we try to conform to this world the less like God we will be. During John’s ministry, he called sinners to repent; that message is also for us. When we repent we should regret what we have done, the forgiveness we receive will help us to lead a changed life, turning towards God.

~ Torrie

Discussion Questions:

  1. What areas do you lack restraint?
  2. What are you constantly apologizing for but have not turned away from doing?
  3. How did God reveal Himself to you in this chapter?


A Few Points:

  1. Luke clearly defines both the secular political leadership and the religious leadership showing how God is in control of both physical and spiritual realms. Luke 3:1-2
  2. John son of Zacharias begins his ministry quoting from the prophet Isaiah telling us that all obstacles must be removed in order for the Kingdom of God to spread. Luke 3:3-6
  3. John warns the religious leaders to stop blindly leading God’s people astray. God and religion were not something that was inherited. Luke 3:7-9
  4. The crowds questioned what they should do in order to be saved? Luke 3:10-14
  5. John points toward Christ as the who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. Luke 3:15-18
  6. The Holy Trinity! The heavens open, the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus and a voice came out of heaven. Luke 3:21-22
  7. John is imprisoned for pointing out Herod the Tetrarch’s (Governor) sins. Luke 3:19-20
  8. Jesus’s ministry begins and His ancestry traced through Joseph with God being the end and the beginning. Luke 3:23-38




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  1. Jslaughter3

    Depending on the definition of restraint that you use the answer can be different. Restraint can mean things that hold you back or self control. (These are the 2 ways I define restraint.) There are many areas that I lack restraint in but the areas gradually get smaller as my days in this world grows. I’m constantly apologizing for not doing the right thing but I continually do the wrong thing. It’s a slow process but as I grow older in Christ I’ll be able to do the right thing more often.

  2. Fitnessbyslaughter

    Well said son🙏🏾❤️

  3. Fitnessbyslaughter

    It is by God’s grace that we are here, at this moment reading this beautiful words of wisdom. Thank God for u. We do get carried away with world, and tend to leave so much slack for God. Praying that God continues to work on me, to be a better follower of The word.

  4. Sometimes I wish that I had a visual sign in front of me in bold letters that just had two words “Holy Spirit “. May sound crazy because we know that as believers we have His Holy Spirit abiding in us So much would be better if I as welll as all believers relied on Him more. More love less judgment, more sharing less greed, more compassion for others. Why we could really live out love for God and love for each other. Keep up the awesome work daughter. love agape Mom

    • Listen, Mrs. Torrie…. you are telling the TRUTH! So many new insights and perspectives on social media after reading this. And another thing, I think it’s inappropriate for men or women to even follow certain people on Any platform because some have gotten “slick with it” or so they think. They’ll scroll and look and lust but won’t “like” so that people can’t see that they actually “like.” It is a mess.

      • ourgivenpurpose

        Yes Stephanie!! We somehow believe that Scripture doesn’t apply to us and that what is hidden will not come to light. We can all be messy with sin but as believers we know better.
        I completely agree with the man and woman social media relationships, it is way too convenient to slip up and share more than one should and before they know it a soul tie has been formed.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting. ☺️

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