Prospect of Recovery

Prospect of Recovery

Bible Reading: Luke 15

Have you ever looked for something only to notice you were holding it in your hand? Or perhaps turned your car upside down looking for eyeglasses only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the rear view mirror and see them resting on top of your head?… I’ve actually looked for my cell phone then realized I was talking on it. (LOL!)

We lose things all the time.

There is a popular piece of text circulating on social media; which reads:

“I don’t always lose stuff, but when I do it’s because my wife moved it.”

My husband and I found this hysterically funny and for those of you in relationships, I’m sure you can relate. We often go to those we live with when something isn’t in its usual place. Living in a household with other people (or pets) we learn that items aren’t lost they have actually been moved.

We should ask ourselves:

What moves us to think or understand things differently? (Is it a person, a life event, or a desire for change?)

What moves us emotionally? (Is it a person, a life event, or desire for change?)

How useful is the source we gravitate towards when we feel lost? (Do we seek a person, the Bible, or other outlets such as television, social media, alcohol, shopping, or other addictions? What is our identity found in?)

 Luke 15:11-32

In the parable of the lost son, Jesus spoke of a father and his two sons. The younger was ready to go out on his own and take his inheritance. The older son stayed with the family. After a series of bad decisions and losing all of his money, the younger son decided to sell himself by working in a foreign country. However, once he came to his senses he realized he had sinned against Heaven and his father. He made the decision to go back to work for his family, to his father, but not as a son, as a servant. What happened next can only be described as mercy. Not only did his father welcome him with open arms he celebrated his return! Exclaiming that his son was no longer dead in sin!!

Just like the father in the parable, Jesus wants our souls to be united to Him. He is merciful to us when we are sincere and comes humbly to Him. We are owned by Christ, we are bought and paid for by the shedding of His blood. When we acknowledge His great love for us we will never be completely cut off from Him.

No matter how broken we are physically and emotionally God embraces us. It is time to put our trust in the one and true living God. His mercy and grace are everlasting and unconditional.


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  1. Broderick Slaughter

    Praying that God continues to guide you, thank you being such a beautiful, and wonderful person. I truly love reading your blog❤️🙏🏾😍

  2. How many times have I looked for something that I’ve misplaced? Ummm let me think what was that again! Love agape

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