Present Moment Awareness: How COVID19 Impacted My Life

Present Moment Awareness: How COVID19 Impacted My Life

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A Special THANK YOU to our Guests!
(In order of appearance)

Joshua Nathan, Host of Technically Unbothered the Podcast!

Caleb Slaughter, Founder of  Slaughter it by Caleb Michael

Broderick Slaughter of Execute Your Purpose

Letter from Children’s Ministry Pastors 

Ashley Carroll – Local librarian, educator, athlete, and musician!

Detria Moore– Professor, educator, and orator!

Casey Alexis – CEO & Founder of Being Eve

Hello, People of Purpose!

Allow Torrie founder of Our Given Purpose® to help you gain clarity, organize your thoughts, and prepare to walk boldly in your purpose! Let me help you C.O.P. your purpose. 

The Message:

Present Moment Awareness: How COVID19 Impacted My Life, In today’s episode, we will C.O.P. our purpose by listening to a few special guests share their perspectives. We can gain clarity through the experience of others; some may say this is a wise practice.  I hope that as we continue throughout this year, you will understand the benefit of training your mind to be under your control and not at the whim of every event that happens in life. Preparation requires foreknowledge we prepare by creating pause points- ask yourself: Can I articulate what I want? It is O.K. to check in with yourself and process the information.  To be transformed by the renewing of our minds means we must do our work. Clarifying, organizing, and preparing to do our assignment each day takes strategic planning with God. 

Take Action

As you listen to Present Moment Awareness: How COVID19 Impacted My Life What did you hear that made you: Oh, Ah, or pause and ponder? Keep the conversation going by sharing this episode with a friend. Talk about what sparked a curiosity within you. The title of this Podcast includes a term that is unfamiliar to some. In today’s society, it is almost effortless to get distracted by our thoughts or spiral down in anxiousness, negativity, or be downright rude to ourselves. Being present means, you are listening and engaging with the now. Autopilot is a real challenge in our lives. Not remembering how you got to your destination, not recalling what you needed to do or responding to someone based on your previous negative experiences versus what positive things you learned from it. Before you speak or move into action, ask yourself if you are fully aware of what is happening.


 Journal Prompts:


  • Clarity- What has the quarantined forced you to notice?
  • Organize– What have you creatively developed to be a positive impact? 
  • Prepare- What are you doing to prepare if there is another mandated quarantine?  




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