Perspective Moved Into Action, an Interview with Kendra Dublin

Perspective Moved Into Action, an Interview with Kendra Dublin

Show Notes:

Kendra Dublin CEO & Owner God’s Perspective for Me, LLC

Purchase Your Copy of: God’s Perspective For Me Vol 1 

 God’s Perspective For Me Vol 2

The Resistance 

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Hello, People of Purpose!

It is a privilege and an honor to have Kendra Dublin back with us. I hope you will enjoy this informative and humor-filled interview. Please connect with Kendra via her website and all the links provided below. Be prepared to laugh, nod in agreement, and take some notes. This is one way Our Given Purpose®  the Podcast helps you clarify, organize, and prepare. Become a person of purpose and follow God’s direction for your life. I am excited about all the fantastic opportunities to witness God in action. 


More about Kendra Dublin~

Kendra Dublin is a millennial strategist, author, and speaker. Her latest offering is a book titled The Resistance is a collaboration of 13 stories of personal transformation. Kendra’s first published works include God’s Perspective For Me Vol. 1 and 2 both critically acclaimed works are a collection of poems that are spiritually uplifting. Together they tell a story of becoming a Christian, falling into the trap of the world, then coming back to God and listening to His words.

It was through this process of listening and moving that Kendra rediscovered her purpose and is now a phenomenal advocate to walk others through their process. 

🦋Tweet this: “Self-examination equals purpose preparation.” -Kendra Dublin Owner of God’s Perspective For Me, LLC

Through her own self-examination, Kendra discovered the pitfalls others fall into and created another platform within her growing conglomerate. 

She is currently developing a few other books for a 2021 release. Kendra is a contributor to the online magazine “Beauty & The Gospel” based out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kendra is one of the co-founders of the “Feed You Purpose” brunch for young adults. She has spoken at various events such as Ladies Days, youth, and young adult conferences. Kendra was a member of the Carolina Christian Toastmasters group which assisted her growth as an inspirational speaker.

This episode will air originally on July 21st, 2020 which means you have plenty of time to register for: The 10th Annual Worship & Praise Symposium 2020 which will host a panel of speakers including Ms. Kendra Dublin. You can view this event virtually on July 31- August 1, 2020. 


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