Patience Interrupted​

Patience Interrupted​

Have you, ever looked at someone and knew they were about to ask you to do something for them? It’s as if their eyes have their hands out expecting to receive. When we know the person, it may be easier to give because we are able to see the fruit of our gift or we’re able to ask for the favor to be returned. But what happens when a stranger is in need? Is it just as easy to give or do we begin to question if we should grant their request? 

I found myself in that situation recently. I am grateful for God’s guidance and perfect timing. I needed to accomplish three things very quickly, all of which involved timing. Driving away from my home I stopped at the corner before turning. As God would have it an older gentleman was standing there with several grocery bags. We made eye contact and spoke. But, before I pulled away he asked if I would take him home. After a quick prayer, I said yes and asked where he was going. [“FANTASTIC!!!! I’m SO GLAD YOU’RE GOING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!! (I screamed this in my head as I plastered on a smile.)] It was too late to refuse my offer as he was already placing his bags in the back seat. As soon as he climbed in I told him to fasten his seat belt to which he replied, “Give me a second to get settled in.” HAHA!!! I had to laugh. I pulled off, said another silent prayer to be calmer and to accept this interruption. After a quick introduction, James began to tell me about his family. All I could do was sit and listen and ask an occasional question. He had been through so much pain and was still grieving. He needed someone to listen to his story. As we came closer to his destination he seemed less agitated and apologized for dominating the conversation. Then he asked a very odd question. He wondered if I picked him up because he “looked” trustworthy??? At first, I didn’t know how to respond because that was the last thing I was thinking about at the moment. I explained to James that it didn’t matter how he looked; I trusted God and knew it was for His purpose that I meet him. Why is this so interesting? In Acts chapter 10 God reminds me and all of us that we need to look past the exterior. No matter how a person looks, what they eat, or their financial status, we are, I am to do my part and show love and respect. Christ is for all and His message will continue to spread with or without my help.

Acts 10:9-16 Peter was given the same vision three times before he accepted what God wanted him to do. How many times have I been given the same opportunity but still questioned God? Surely God wasn’t trying to teach me to be more empathetic to others. Well yes and a little more. Even though I had listened to James I didn’t develop a deep connection or desire to want to check on him later. Running in the back of my mind was how I was going to get my day back on track. I wasn’t trusting God with everything because I wanted to do it in my own strength. I needed to have control. I did what was required, but I didn’t give James my undivided attention. Yes, I did my due diligence making sure he wasn’t going home to an empty house and that he knew who to call when he was feeling low. We are here to serve each other and be supportive of the needs of our fellow humans. It may require time or missed appointments but in the end, the most important thing is that we are obedient to God’s prompting and show genuine love for our neighbor.


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Journal Prompts

  1. Am I an active listener or do I listen to respond?
  2. What vision has God given me that I haven’t paid attention to?
  3. Am I able to praise God publicly and give Him credit? 

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Journal Prompts:

Am I an active listener or do I listen to respond?

What vision has God given me that I haven’t paid attention too?

Am I able to praise God publicly and give Him credit?




  1. Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you. This is the third time I’ve been told to send a message to a young lady. God bless you sister 💚

    • ourgivenpurpose

      Amen! Praise God for your obedience! May we both continue to trust in Him. 💚

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