Weekly News, vol 5

Greetings Purposeful Family, Thank you all for the positive feedback and encouragement! I have a couple announcements to make: Interviews on the podcast will begin in October! I have some amazing guests lined up and their testimonies will inspire you.  Summer break will begin on August 1st  and end September 3rd. During this time you … Continue reading Weekly News, vol 5

Can You Be Trusted? Part Two

Focus Scripture: Joshua 6:15-19 Hello Purposeful Family! My prayer is for others to be able to merge these podcasts into your own Bible study. God’s Word provides healing for our hearts. This is a powerful truth to behold. Being part of God’s plan brings us joy. It erases the hurts we have endured and gives … Continue reading Can You Be Trusted? Part Two

The Week In Review, vol 4

Greetings Purposeful Family! I am excited to announce!!! Our Given Purpose ® officially registered on Tuesday, June 11, 2019!!! More information will be forthcoming. I do want to extend heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support. Thank you for  your continued prayers. Nothing is going to change outside of how this ministry grows … Continue reading The Week In Review, vol 4

Included or Excluded

Have you ever been excluded from something?  I know I have and on more occasions, than I care to recall. Include- being part of the whole; contained; covered: to place in a class, category, or the like. Exclude- to shut out from consideration, privilege: to prevent the entrance of. Our talents define us; whether we … Continue reading Included or Excluded

Flesh versus Spirit

The flesh is defined as the physical nature of human beings; it also refers to the unaided human effort, the decisions and actions that originate from it. Without realizing it we are making life more difficult. We are striving to maintain all the desires of our flesh by putting idols before God. Now let’s pause … Continue reading Flesh versus Spirit