Overcoming By Grace, an Interview with Elizabeth Owusu

Overcoming By Grace, an Interview with Elizabeth Owusu

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Elizabeth Owusu is the Founder & Writer of

Gracefully Broken

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Who is Elizabeth Owusu:

Elizabeth is from Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the primary writer of the Christian blog Gracefully Broken. She seeks to encourage people to turn their pain and brokenness into their purpose by sharing her personal experiences. Elizabeth is also a college student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Her goal is to use her gifts to implement change in our criminal justice system. Through her presence in various organizations on her campus, she hopes to be a living testimony. God can use our painful experiences for His glory.

The Interview:

We are meeting Elizabeth Owusu, founder of the Christian blog Gracefully Broken, at the beginning of her journey a season of preparation. We chat about her current circumstances and how her purpose will make a significant impact on this world.
I love beauty from ashes revivals, and Elizabeth has precisely done just that. Through God’s great grace and mercy, Elizabeth was transformed, and her perspective shifted. She realized that God wanted to use her pain to elevate His Kingdom. She wants us to ask, “Lord, what do you want me to do with this?” Please visit Gracefully Broken
 to read and be inspired. 

The Session- ‘Elements of Arrogance and Pride’:

We are proud to air our second interview in season four, focusing on arrogance and pride. In our conversation, Elizabeth shares her thorn and how it changed her. I hope as you listen, you will recognize some of your triggers and adjust when challenged in the future.

Journal Prompts🗒

C.larify| O.raganize| P.repare

  1. What is my thorn? Do I recognize it? 
  2. How can I pray for clarity to identify my limiting beliefs?
  3. What can I produce that will impact others?
  4. Where will my preparation lead me if I follow God’s plan?
  5. Who will be positively influenced by the steps I take now?



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  1. Kudos to you Torrie. I enjoyed and received so much from this interview that will help me personally. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Love agape, Mom

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