Our Given Purpose

Our Given Purpose


Welcome to this brand new endeavor I, with God and my family, are embarking on. As our individual paths have branched off seeking God’s purpose for our lives I had a revelation. We are studying the Gospels and enjoying the richness of God’s Holy Word. Through everyday life we have read how Jesus Christ was born into this world and all that goes with His amazing grace, mercy, and love for His created people. We read from our phones, tablets, computers, and for the “purists” like me  books. How amazing it is that a story that began thousands of years ago continues to lead us to Christ!!! We have so many resources to tap into that it is impossible to avoid the Word of our Lord. Even if we try we will inevitably come across a lone social media post exclaiming God’s greatness, or better yet how that person’s life was changed because of answered prayer. As content is added to this blog I pray all of you that come across it will be encouraged but ultimately guides you to your own spiritual intimacy with God.



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  1. Torrie….thank you for sharing your blog with us. You are doing an amazing job…God’s Work!!! I read each post and I was touched because I could relate to everything that you said . Please continue to share this blog. God knows we need it everyday. Thank you Lolita

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