Opportune Opportunity

Opportune Opportunity

The Gospel of Luke Devotional

  • Day 4 Luke Chapter 4
  • Bible Reading Luke 4:1-44
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 4:13 When the devil had finished every temptation, he left Him until an opportune time.

You’ve been offered a promotion! Not by the CEO, but by the liaison to the head of your division. This very attractive offer includes six weeks paid vacation, a large sign on bonus, and an increased salary. What’s the catch? 1. You give up future promotions. 2. You hold your position as long as the liaison holds his position. 3. No benefits upon retiring or dismissal. This opportunity comes at the opportune time; because you are hungry, literally. You are barely surviving, your car is running on fumes, the mortgage is late, and the utilities are shut off…again. You want to say yes but this career path terminates advancement and freedom to explore other options. What will you do about retirement? 

(Luke 4:1-13) Our temptations don’t always have a ‘too good to be true’ element but when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts, we are able to understand the fine print of every decision we make. Jesus said no to Satan even in His weakened state of hunger. He had fasted and prayed for forty days and Satan came to Him. (Luke 4:1 If you have ever engaged in a fast you understand the rewarding and clarifying spiritual depth you can experience.) When we think our testing is over and relax, are hit with more. This is endurance. How quickly will we fold under pressure? How long can we stand firm in our faith and devotion to God before we cave into Satan’s schemes? For some of us, Satan may not have to do much. Our routines, the people we seek advice from, or our prideful mindsets will do the work for him. Satan’s way of convincing us is to distract us from seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance. This could manifest as a negative emotional mindsets, a competitive nature, or a want to think we accomplished milestones all by ourselves.

Satan will give up but he will come back. How he finds us will dictate how well we can handle the temptations he hurls at us. Don’t allow him to ruin your relationships, steal your joy, or create unnecessary competition between you and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have proof of a living God that cares deeply for us. Let us submit to His will and grow in His kingdom. 

~ Torrie


Discussion Questions:

  1. When I’m in a  moment of weakness what strengthens me? 
  2. What do I allow Satan to have dominion over in my life?
  3. What am I in constant battle with?


A Few Points

  1. Luke 4:1-13 Jesus is lead into the wilderness to battle. The battle against His flesh and against Satan. 
  2. Luke 4:14-15 Jesus goes about His Father’s business.
  3. Luke 4:16-22 Jesus is rejected in His home town of Nazareth, the people are angered by his words. A prophecy is fulfilled in His proclamation to deliver salvation to all people.
  4. Luke 4:31-37 Jesus continues His ministry and quickly rebukes unclean spirits that recognized Him as the Messiah rendering them silent.
  5. Luke 4:38-41 Jesus heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law and countless others, all who were brought to Him were healed.
  6. Luke 4:42-44 Jesus travels throughout Galilee preaching the kingdom of God, to fulfill His purpose.




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  1. Broderick Slaughter

    Amen my Queen. Again this is truly testing our faith. What we go through daily is nothing to what Our Lord went through. His strength of God was so great, that nothing ( satan ) couldn’t even temp him. So grateful for a teacher that is perfect, that we can learn from, in the attempt to show a fraction of the strength ( faith ) he has.
    Thank you my ❤️🙏🏾

  2. Jslaughter3

    When I’m in a moment of weakness I rely on prayer and God to give me strength. Satan has hold on me with time. I can say that I will play games for an hour but that hour soon turns into 4 hours which I can never get back. I’m in constant battle with my time. But I am changing the way I go about doing things so this battle will soon be over.

    • ourgivenpurpose

      Amen J. ☺️
      One of the hardest steps is to acknowledge the problem without blaming someone else, you recognize and have identified an issue only God through His Holy Spirit can help you. Keep praying for strength and turning down the temptation. Your time is your most precious currency, don’t give it to the enemy.

  3. 🙏🏿 amen and amen 🙏🏿. Why waste time with what the world offers to distract us from what God has planned for our life. The world is always alluring us in to seeking what keeps us away from being more proactive in Godly things. Taking the time to really think about that we would realize that everything that the world thinks it has to offer already belongs to God who is the creator of everything. And no perfect gift will He withhold from us. Satan really doesn’t own anything to tempt us with and he certainly should not rob me of any of my time a good time to fess up repent and change up! Great work daughter – convicting! Love agape

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