Maintaining the Craving

Maintaining the Craving

Luke 12: 15 And he said to them, ” Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in abundance of possessions.”

The Word of God warns against coveting in every form. I believe coveting begins with a craving. Craving more money, more possessions, different possessions, more time, new things or new experiences. Our cravings will ultimately lead us to do things to obtain the objects of our desires, taking precious time away from our intended purpose. We will miss the opportunity to be placed by God and instead be displaced by the enemy. HOW?  We become displaced by the enemy when we make great sacrifices in order to keep up with the inauthentic objects our flesh craved and it becomes a burden to maintain.

There are times when someone will “gift” us with something very useful, be it financial assistance, a travel opportunity, or material good. The problem with all of those is we must be in a place to receive it. God places us to take the responsibility in stride, although we may have to rework our schedule or rearrange certain aspects of our life, God’s blessings are always intended for our good. When we crave or covet what does not belong to us and strive to obtain it, that is of the enemy. He wants us to stress ourselves out or spread ourselves too thin to say “WE GOT IT”. And then what?….. Now we have to turn down invitations, work harder to pay for said “gift” and worse yet, not have the time or patience to enjoy it. The enemy sets us up to have our blessing become a curse. That is his purpose; to kill, steal, and say it with me…destroy. We no longer have time to pray, fellowship, or study the Word of God because we are too busy. Our impatience gets the best of us and instead of allowing God to remove all the hindrances to bring forth a true sincere blessing from Him, we are left with the worry of maintaining the craving.

Is it a blessing from God or a curse from Satan? What we should ask:

1. Did God bring it to me? 2. Did I need it or want it? 3. Is there a plan for it? 4. Will I need to provide for it? 5. Will this help me get closer to God? 6. Will I need to sacrifice what God has already blessed me with?

Of course, there will always be things that God will place in our lives to better suit His plan for us. We may or may not understand it right away but rest assured that through prayer and the Holy Spirit there is little doubt we can all be placed on His path for our lives.



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  1. Diana Coleman

    Wow what a wonderful blessing it caused me to think about how many times God wants to bless me but I’m missing- busy being busy. Thank you and please keep blogging. Love agape

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