Living Between Extremes:Why Your Choice Matters

Living Between Extremes:Why Your Choice Matters
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Extremes, we’ve all fallen victim to being on one side or the other without thinking about our imbalance—the flood or drought mentality. We will use scripture to acknowledge the problem of wavering between two extremes and seek balance from a place of love. 


Between Extremes 

A flood is an overflowing of water beyond its normal confines and arrives in overwhelming amounts or quantities. Experiencing an overflow of anything could be defined as a flood: emotional floods- financial floods- or spiritual floods. In contrast– a drought is a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a water shortage. Drought is the absence of a specified thing or the complete opposite of an overflow of emotions, finances, or not feeling God’s presence.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How am I going beyond moderation and reason in my thoughts and behaviors?
  • In what contest am I competing?


God deserves our time, effort, and energy. Are you going to remain silent or declare God as you King?

“Love that goes upward is worship. Love that goes outward is affection. Love that stoops down is grace.”~ Donald Barnhouse

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Scriptures for Meditation:

1 Kings 18:21; Matthew 6:24, 1 Kings 18:39


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