Lay It Aside

Lay It Aside

Bible Reading: Ephesians 4:17-32 and 1 Peter 1:3-5

Hello Purposeful People! Thank you for listening, supporting, encouraging, and praying for this ministry as well as each other. I am grateful for the connections we have made as a family.

The definition of anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. Anger leads to plans for revenge or punishment. Anger makes us feel resentment, irritation, and outrage. Take a moment and think of some things that really anger you. What do you need to lay aside? More often than not we have to get over ourselves so we can become what God purposed us to be. We enjoy His company and our own even more when we are balanced and filled with His joy. No matter what causes you displeasure, take a deep breath and ask yourself if your reaction is godly or godless.



YouTube  Workout Whine to Win Wednesday



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