Justified Fraud?..

Bible Reading: Jonah 1:1-17

Flesh verses spirit! As a photographer and writer, I want to claim ownership of my “intellectual property”… when someone used one of my photos without my permission or giving me credit I felt robbed. However, after a few moments and some deep breaths, I took another look at what had happened. God’s word had been placed over the image. It was a beautiful scripture and what the person did was crop my tagline off. Hmmm… lesson to learn here? Yes, I think so. How often do we take credit for something only God could have done? How often do we “crop” His name off in order to glorify ourselves? How often do we think that what God gives us isn’t enough so we don’t cultivate our own talents but desire an easier route by taking from one of His children? God allows me to capture His beautiful nature, that we see every day, and I share it on social media.

Jonah 1:3  The flesh part of me wanted to RUN AWAY: on emotions – from how this could help me grow in humility – from being an obedient servant – from how I could glorify and honor God through my response. Thanks are to God that I stood STILL! (Jonah 1:17)  The Holy Spirit intervened and not only was I able to calmly approach the “thief” I was able to open a dialog that will hopefully prevent her from doing it again. A seed was sown.

The lesson in this case was difficult for me to understand at first but, God softened my heart, gave me clarity, and allowed me to see the bigger picture. (Jonah 1:12) By not focusing on feeling violated and instead how I (we) do this everyday. Nothing belongs to me. I am covered by grace and mercy I don’t always deserve but, God freely gives to me, to all of us. How I and how we react in our fleeting emotional states will affect the outcome.

Going forward I pray we can approach all things through the eyes of God and ask ourselves:

  1. Is God being glorified?
  2. Am I pointing towards God or desiring people to settle for me?
  3. Am I acting out with my flesh or reacting through the spirit?

I pray discernment is quickened and clarity is readily available for all of us, so that we may not end up in a storm we could have avoided. Jonah 1:3-4


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7 thoughts on “Justified Fraud?..

  1. Hello Torrie. I’ve had a quick flick through your web page on many occasion, but this is the first time I really sat down and read it properly. The piece on five minute devotional read put me to shame.

    The pesentation of your work and especially photography is top notch. Thank you so much for God’s word. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you so much Sis. We are here to encourage and grow as a whole body not just as individuals. So no you really shouldn’t feel shamed but prayerfully learn and grow. We all have “those” moments we wish we could change the hope is that we can do what God wants us to from the beginning. 😊 Thank you for reading. ❤️

  2. Be encouraged as you continue to encourage others. Please know that your blogging and sharing God’s Word through you helps so many, especially me. Thank you. Love agape, Mom

  3. I certainly understand the feeling of hurt and being ripped off sort to speak! Especially, when your name was cut off the bottom of the photo as it was intentionally done with purpose. Because you are human it hurts! I do love how you let God in and he soften your heart in order to allow his message to come through! Torrie, this is a good topic, because as you know I take thousands of pictures in my travels to share with the world and never put my watermark or stamp on them perhaps I need to reconsider or rethink this idea. I always enjoy what you have to say! Keep these coming! Maybe one day, you will put all of theses into a book form, sure would be nice to have on the coffee table! Love ya, Victoria

    1. Thank you! Thank you for reading and for commenting. I think you take beautiful photos and capture amazing views. Having said that I guess the question would be would you immediately recognize your image if someone else used it? And if so what if it were six months or a year from now? If you wouldn’t recognize it being edited then I say post it. But if you’ve spent any amount of time and effort making it the best possible photo to give to the world then yes you should consider using photoshop and add your tag line to it. Of course if someone really desires to take it they will. But at minimum they may realize they did you harm in the process because it may get shared multiple times with no one ever knowing who created it. You’re a journalist and your name matters. ❤️

      1. Good information! I do have photos that I consider very special and if you saw it a year from now I would know hey that’s my photo like the picture of Luke, the border collier I took a few weeks ago. So, I’ll take your advice and watermark my special photos and any other I feel has cultural or significance. You are right “You’re a journalist and your name matters” never occurred to me much this way of thinking but documents, content and word does matter! Thanks again!

      2. You’re welcome! ❤️ I believe the main take away is, even if our name is cropped off , left out, or proper credit isn’t given that we react to with humility. We do not need to get angry about what is “stolen” from us on earth. Meaning our true character is one of going above and setting ourselves apart, distancing from becoming attached to this earth. Our names are written in Heaven. That’s the one place it shouldn’t be “cropped off”.

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