Inside The Web

Inside The Web

Have you ever run into a spider’s web? You know the sticky, stringy, clear thread that seems to adhere to everything on your body, especially your face???… Trying to peel off its intricate layers is annoyingly cumbersome and the remaining residue will glimmer in the shining light as evidence of what was left behind. Like spider webs plots are woven together to carry out a specific plan; but, may have deadly results for the one at the center.

2 Samuel 13:1-6 Recounts the events of a complex web being woven; leaving a lesson to learn about emotional health, faith, belief, and trust…

Amnon “loved” his half-sister Tamar, and was so vexed by this “love” that he could not think clearly, eat, or sleep. Left alone perhaps his lust would have faded; but a friend: a crafty individual, a blood relative with whom Amnon was close to wanted to help him overcome his vexation. (2 Samuel 13:3-4KJV) Meet Jonadab! Jonadab is the kind of family member we call when we need something done. The person that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and is all too willing to dole out advice. Jonadab didn’t pray with Amnon or suggest it. He simply devised a plan to get Amnon what he wanted. (2 Samuel 13:5KJV)

When we confide and are vulnerable with people who have revealed their character to us, we are not really giving them authority, are we? Let’s be honest; all we really want is, that person to consign with our current emotional status and tell us how to do something we know we shouldn’t. The “Jonadab” in our life is masquerading as a confidant and we are AOK with it…..until we are the ones that end up hurt.

Discerning spirits are able to pick up on the subtle differences in the roles these people play. Their true motive wasn’t rooted in love but in destruction; going after the core of a known vulnerability. The Enemy is sneaky and will turn what was intended to be good into evil, leaving a distrust that may take decades to erase if at all. What ends up being revealed is their heart; the “Jonadab” may be acting like a trusted resource but will show their true opportunistic ways. (Some people enjoy watching others suffer.)

If the people closest to us do not have an intimate relationship with God, a repenting heart, or a desire to do God’s will they will most certainly destroy what we are trying to build. Let’s look for the clues, pray for clarity, and focus on listening to the Holy Spirit. If God has our heart, mind, and soul we can act with love rather than react out of pain.



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  1. Broderick Slaughter

    Very nice my Queen. Definitely can apply to daily activities and people. Eyes open, ears listening, heart on God. Thank you. ❤️🙏🏾

  2. Jslaughter3

    This is true. Many people has plotted out things (myself included) and then when it came time to do it, we realized that this wasn’t what God wanted for us. We would repent and then strive to do more Godly things as time goes on.

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