I’m Just Saying…

I’m Just Saying…

Hello Everyone! 

This is the first of what I pray will be many spoken word efforts witnessing to God’s saving grace over my life. I’m Just Saying speaks of a time when I wrestled with demons and did not know they were there. Through it, my family was there witnessing my mood swings and battle with depression. I kept trying to do things my way, putting a smile on my face and pretending everything was ok. Well, the problem with pretending the truth will surface and the mask has to come off. This very brief audio is me sharing what I pray will encourage someone else to get the help they need. Thank you for listening.


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3 thoughts on “I’m Just Saying…

  1. Amazing!! So talented. But most importantly, what a testament to the relentless love of our Father.

    • Thank you Sister Friend. And yes I am a witness to our Father’s relentless stubborn love.

  2. Glory to God for answered prayers. It is true that when prayers go up blessings come down. Maybe not how we want them to but we know that It will bring God glory. Daughter, your roots are so deep in the Lord that you nor I can imagine how tall you will grow. I believe that you are just scratching the surface of the excellence that God has prepared for you because of my belief in His Word and His promises. Keep shining bright as God uses your past not to define you but to refine you! I love you so much. Love agape, Mom

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