I’ll Take it Under Advisement

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Greetings Purposeful Family!

I’ve read that vision without wisdom is an unfinished project. How many unfinished things do you have right now?

This week will center around investment. Investing in ourselves, our careers, and most importantly our relationship with God. It is always a good time to evaluate what we’re doing and who we’re following.

The scriptures listed below are the frame of this podcast. Criticism is something I had to develop strength in. I was already an introvert. My coming out of my shell was difficult. Taking criticism under advisement was the next step. I needed to trust God to put mentors in my life who saw the bigger picture of this ministry.

I pray you will take this podcast, under advisement. Identify areas the enemy has a foothold. Review the advice you’ve received from loved ones. Seek God’s guidance in all you do.



Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 7:5-8, Proverbs 13:1, Proverbs 17:10, Proverbs 27:5


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