I Can Make it…Worse?

I Can Make it…Worse?

Bible Reading Exodus 7:1-25

There is a method to cleaning. We usually tackle the areas that are most often used. Disinfect our bathrooms, tidy up living spaces, wash and put away dishes that were “soaking”. The point of cleaning is, to bring order and make our spaces enjoyable. The process can be quick and efficient. However, have you ever tried cleaning with a toddler? They are so anxious to show you they can do it too! It is hilarious to watch children “act” like adults but, if something needs to be completed it isn’t always funny. I image that’s how Moses and Aaron felt when they watched the magicians add more blood to the Nile river. They made it worse!! Exodus 7:22 Instead of showing how they could clean it up they wanted to “act” like God and do what He did. Pharaoh and the magicians missed the point.

Comparing ourselves to others and wanting to do things just like “them” leaves us looking ridiculous or quitting because we feel inferior. This is not the way we as Believers in Christ should think or behave. We have gifts, talents, and a character that needs developing but, by watching God; not ‘demon’-strating how we can be exactly like someone else. We will make a bigger mess when we compete with others. That mess may manifest emotionally, physically, or spiritually leaving us devastated and loved ones scattered. By desiring to be just like someone other than who God designed us to be will render us unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Points to Ponder:

  • What needs to be removed or released for us to fulfill our God-given purpose?
  • Who do we need to un-follow so we’re not tempted by jealousy, envy, or rage?
  • Is our heart open to learning or are we focused on adding more filth to an unsavory situation?


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  1. Broderick Slaughter

    Amen my Queen. Great message. We do make things worse by trying to add our “expertise” to things that didn’t need it in the first place. More so, trying to do what God’s been telling us He would do. Not having patience, most of the time is the reason we need or have to add our “expertise” to certain situations making them worse. Thank you my Love.

    • ourgivenpurpose

      Thank you Beloved for reading and for your feedback. We can continue to learn and apply God’s Word to our lives or we can arrogantly and ignorantly push ahead stumbling through life as through we weren’t given any direction. We can all do better going forward, it’s our choice. ❤️

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